Volta 2.0 Vs Volta Spark Review Magnetic Cables With Swappable Tips

Charge faster and smarter via a single cable! Volta's universal cables - Volta 2.0 and Volta Spark - feature magnetic inter-changeable tips for micro USB, USB-C and Apple Lightning devices. The main visual difference between Volta 2.0 and Volta Spark is the non-detachable USB-A plug connector on Volta 2.0 and the non-detachable USB-C plug connector on Volta Spark. Both cables feature a small status led on the side plug that illuminates blue when plugged into a device and turns off automatically when unplugged from the device.

The neat feature about Volta Spark and Volta 2.0 magnetic tip connection is how easily the tips snap into place, every time, the right way around. While Volta 2.0 and Volta Spark use the same N52 grade Neodymium magnets, the magnetic connection is not cross-compatible, which means the Volta 2.0 magnetic tips are not compatible with Volta Spark and viceversa.
The cable sheath of both cables is made of stiff fabric military-grade nylon braid, which is flexible and anti-tangle. The cables also feature thick rubber strain reliefs and metal alloy plugs with Volta branding printed on them. The Volta Spark cable is noticably thicker than the Volta 2.0 cable. Volta Spark also has thicker rubber strain reliefs and feels overall more robust that the Volta 2.0 cable. 
The Volta Spark and Volta 2.0 cables carry both power and data. Volta Spark is available in two different lengths (1 meter and 2 meter) and two power ratings (60W and 100W). Volta 2.0 is available in four different lengths (0.25 meters, 0.5 meters, 1 meters, 2 meters) with 3 amp rating. 
There is also a 5 amp 1 meter long cable option for Volta 2.0. The amp/wattage rating indicates the maximum current the cables can handle. The 3 amp Volta 2.0 cable handle up to 18 watts, while the 5 amp Volta 2.0 cable can handle up to 22.5 watts. Both Volta Spark and Volta 2.0 can handle up to 480mbps data transfer speed. 
The cables seen pictured on this review are the 1 meter long (97cm) Volta 2.0 cable, which weighs 24 grams (including the 3 tips). The Volta Spark one is a 1.9 meter long (187cm) cable, which weighs 52 grams (including the 3 tips). 
The Volta Spark and Volta 2.0 cables deliver on the promise of a cross-platform compatible universal cable for charging and transferring data. Which cable you buy will depend on your needs since Volta Spark and Volta 2.0 use different standard specifications. Volta 2.0 supports Quick Charge 3.0 fast charge, as well as OnePlus Warp Charging, Huawei's Supercharging and OPPO VOOC Flash Charging.
 For MacBooks, Apple and Samsung fast charging devices, you will need to buy the Volta Spark cable, which supports USB-PD 3.0, Quick Charge 4.0 (Android only) and PPS fast charging for Samsung devices. Volta Spark also supports OTG connection, so it also saves you the expense of having to buy a USB OTG cable adapter.

The Volta cables feel premium quality and reliable too. You can also easily clean the magnetic plug/tips when pocket lint or dirt gets inside it. You can buy Volta Spark and Volta 2.0 directly from Volta's website. Volta 1.0 is not longer sold on Volta's website but you can still read the Volta 1.0 review to see the improvements made.

Both cables ship inside a similar hardshell zippered case you get with some true wireless earbuds. The zippered case has Volta engrave branding on the outside and opens up clamshell style via a single metal slider. The outer shell material is made of rubbery PU like material so, it's water resistant, although the zipper isn't; hence the hardshell case isn't waterproof. 
The hardshell case is lined internally with soft microfiber material and feature a mesh pocket. The hardshell case size is perfect for the small cable sizes (e.g. 0.5 meter, 1 meter, etc) but it is a bit on the small size for the 2 meter long cable, which does fit inside the case but very snugly.

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