Mogoglaz Binocular Magnifying Reading Glasses

Eyesight is a truly precious sense that you appreciate even more when your eyes start to get shaky! Glasses are a godsend and depending on how bad your eyesight is you may need multiple pairs of eyewear for different applications. If you're looking for an eyewear solution that you can wear over your prescription glasses, check out Mogoglaz.
You can wear Mogoglaz for reading and for doing "close work" like knitting and sewing thanks to powerful, strong lenses which magnify and converge images simultaneously.
Mogoglaz V1A version
Reading glasses help a lot but the higher the diopter reading glasses you get, the harder is to read smaller print. This isn't a problem though with Mogoglaz because they are aspheric prism reading glasses that double as 6x magnification binoculars.
1 Prism Diopter = 1 centimeter of displacement over a distance of 1 meter
Mogoglaz integrate prismatic elements as well as aspherical lenses with the backside of the lens (closest to the eye) being completely flat. 
Having an aspherical design means you get more focus coverage over a wider area and less spherical distortions because aspheric lenses have a parabola shape to them, which brings all points in a wide area to a focus at the same place.
If you plan to use Mogoglaz as a smartphone screen magnifier, you cannot because Mogoglaz are only magnifying glasses.
The Mogo-Cinema version though can be used with a smartphone and works great when viewing 360 degree videos in 4K resolution and, aerial photography live footage.
The Mogo-Cinema version of the Mogoglaz is also compatible with dynamic mobile games with gyroscope aiming.
Mogorigami also works great when watching YouTube HD movies from your phone because it feels like watching a movie in the middle first 3-5 rows of a cinema!
Mogoglaz lenses are not suitable with any application that requires static peripheral gazing like projected images, phone text messages and static mobile games like board games.

The addition of prismatic elements into Mogoglaz sharpens the normal 60-degree viewing angle of the eyes though it doesn't sharpen peripheral vision. With that said, Mogoglaz is able to effectively shift close viewing to a comfortable viewing distance of approx 10 inches away. This means, the eyes don't have to focus inward on close objects; hence you can comfortably do knitting for longer time without straining your eyes when looking inward. The Mogoglaz viewing sweet spot is 7.8cm distance.
Because Mogoglaz are binocular magnifying glasses, objects appear larger over twice their size and that is because Mogoglaz magnification increases the horizontal field of view to 90-degrees and the vertical field of view to 45-degrees. While objects viewed through the Mogoglaz lenses are viewed in 2D flat, there is a very slight 3D viewing effect.
Mogoglaz lenses have a dioptric power of +12 D and base-in prism power of 19 PD. The Mogoglaz spectacles measure 14cm wide (side to side) and 18cm long (from the tip of the temples to the nose bridge). Each Mogoglaz lens weighs 26 grams, while the total weight of Mogoglaz including the eyewear frame is 110 grams.
Each Mogoglaz lens measures 54.4mm long, 33.6mm high and 24.6mm thick and have a base-in prismatic effect which helps binocular vision disorder conditions like starbismus where one eye has a tendency to turn in, out, up or down due to a muscle imbalance that prevents the eye from aligning properly. 
The Mogoglaz prism lenses help shift the image in the same direction to allow the eye to rotate to a more comfortable position, while still remaining aligned.
The prismatic effect in the Mogoglaz is made by making the edge thickness on one side of the lens thicker than the other side. Prismatic lenses are usually made thicker at the center and thinner at the edge (called base-in) or made thicker at the edge and thinner at the center (called base-out). Monoglaz uses +12D "plus lenses" which are thick at the center with a 19PD base-in prism effect that pulls the eyes apart.
Even though the lenses look like ordinary glass, Mogoglaz lenses are actually made of acrylic plastic (PMMA) using injection molding which give the Mogoglaz lenses a clear, glass look. One advantage of using acrylic glass to real glass is that acrylic glass is lighter and shatterproof. The finish on these optically clear plastic lenses are very impressive because you wouldn't think they are made of plastic when looking through them.
interpupillary distance lever
Monoglaz reading glasses also feature manual adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD), adjustable nose bridge so you can adjust the vertical position of the Mogoglaz lenses between regular viewing and magnifying viewing.
the nose bridge features silicone pads
Adjusting the interpupillary distance means you can adjust the optical center of the Mogoglaz lenses to suit the distance between the centers of the pupils of your eyes. Being able to move the lenses closer or further apart means if you have an eyeglass prescription you can use Mogoglaz to manually focus your eyes together properly from 55mm to 74mm interpupillary distance.
Mogorigami (right) uses the same Mogo-Ocular lenses
While Mogoglaz glasses comes with left and right temples, the adjustable band is very much needed to secure the weight of Mogoglaz to your face. Other accessories included with Mogoglaz are a removable LED reading light. Mogoglaz is made by Cinema2Go who are behind the Mogo 2D headset.

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