Inateck FE2013 USB 3.0 UASP to SATA Caddy

When a laptop is no longer functioning, a neat way to salvage it is by putting to good use its internal components. No matter how bad a laptop breaks components such as the hard disk drive (HDD) can always be reclaimed because you can turn them into very useful, portable storage devices.
An external hard disk caddy such as the Inateck USB 3.0 to Sata caddy enclosure is all you need to read an old hard disk drive.
An external HDD caddy comes extremely useful too when upgrading a laptop's HDD to a solid state drive (SSD).
Speaking of HDDs and SSDs, the Inateck Sata USB 3.0 caddy supports 2.5 inch 7mm and 2.5 inch 9.5mm HDDs and SSDs
2.5 inch SATA drives are the type you find in laptops
Like all external USB caddies, the Inateck Sata caddy enclosure uses an interface, in this case USB 3.0 so data rate speed runs up to 5 gigabits per second (5Gbps) with approx. 400 MB/s (megabytes per second) bandwidth which is very good speed for watching a film stored on a hard disk through the PC without any lag.
Since the Inateck Sata caddy supports Sata 1, Sata 2 and Sata 3 revisions, which are all backward compatible, it means you can get up to 6 Gbps data rate when using a Sata 3 hdd or Sata 3 SSD.
The Inateck Sata caddy also supports UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) which enhances the performance of the speed transfer. UASP support is always worth it because without it, data transfer bottlenecks are more noticeable.
The Inateck USB 3.0 to Sata caddy supports up to 2TB hard disk drives and/or 2TB solid state drives which easily slot inside the caddy where you find the Sata connection wired to the USB 3.0 port on the front of the caddy that you connect the included USB cable to.
Using the Inateck USB UASP 3.0 to Sata caddy is as easy as plugging in a flash pen drive. The integrated driver installs itself allowing your old HDD or SSD to work like a brand new external HDD.
You can then use the caddy for various applications like booting a PC, recording TV and cloning a laptop HDD to a SSD.

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