Audew 12V Cordless Digital Inflator Gun

One of the benefits of a cordless air compressor like the Audew cordless inflator is that you can easily tote it around without having to plug any wires and then stash it away when you are done!
With that being said, portable air compressors aren't for everyone so provided that you plan to use it for low demand jobs and that you're comfortable with loud noises, the Audew cordless air compressor is a handy tool extension.

The Audew air compressor model LD-1609 comes with a built-in 110V 2000mAh lithium rechargeable battery though it can also run off a car battery via the 12V cigarette lighter socket which is perfect for times when constant power is required.
This is because one of the downsides of all portable power tools is that as battery power is being spent the voltage/current decreases.
12V adapter cord length 3 metres
Sayin this, the Audew air compressor is able to inflate almost anything that doesn't require more than 150 psi of pressure; hence you can use it for tires, inflatable awnings, inflatable air mattresses, footballs, you name it.
Ergonomically, the Audew air compressor is great because of its gun-like design; in fact, the Audew air compressor is modeled after a power drill gun.
You even get a lockable trigger and an led light torch on the front of the audew air compressor to light up the working area.
As far as inflating car tyres, the Audew air compressor does the job quickly when topping up a car tyre but it's slow (approx. 10 minutes) when inflating a small car 35psi tyre from flat.
This is because the Audew handheld air compressor can only put out 30 liters of air per minute. As a matter of fact, all handheld air compressors like the one pictured suffer from the same "slow inflation speed" because they use air faster than the compressor can supply it; hence why you have to wait for the compressor to catch up.
If you plan to inflate anything larger than 35psi or for longer than 15 minutes, you will need to let the Audew handheld air compressor cool down for 15 minutes before continuing. The maximum pressure the Audew handheld air compressor can pump is 150psi.
the Audew air compressor measures 23cm long, 19cm high and 8cm thick
Keep in mind though that the Audew air compressor is only a 120W (10A) air compressor weighing only 1.3 kg and not a full size 1500W 22kg air compressor.
charging DC port
Because of its small, compact size, the Audew hand held air compressor comes very handy in a pinch and also for piece of mind thanks to being battery operated.
Included are also two inflation adapters: a needle valve for inflating footballs and basketballs, and one nozzle adapter for yoga balls, pool toys and airbeds.
On the back of the Audew hand held air compressor, you find a backlit digital display readout with three buttons.
The digital display lets you see values digitally which are always easier to read than with an analogue gauge.
The Audew air compressor digital display shows the battery level, current pressure value and target pressure which you adjust via the + and - buttons.
The M button lets you toggle between different units of measure for pressure, including bar, psi (pounds per square inch), kPa (kilopascal) and kg/cm2 (kilogram per square centimetre pressure)
air hose
Operating the Audew air compressor is very easy, simply attach the provided 18cm long air hose which features a threaded car tyre valve stem on one end and a threaded union valve connector on the other end.
The union valve is inserted into the air compressor and tightened clockwise to lock (and anticlockwise to loosen). Then, you press the trigger once and wait for the air compressor to pump air.
The Audew air compressor pumps air to your desired pre-set pressure level and then shuts off automatically but doesn't turn off by itself so you have to press the trigger again to turn it off.
The Audew lithium rechargeable battery is recharged via the included 5V to DC 12V converter step up cable which features a USB connector on one end and a DC 2.1 x 5.5 mm connector on the other.
DC barrel 2.1 x 5.5 mm connector
A power adapter isn't included with the Audew cordless inflator but you can use the 5V 2A USB wall adapter that came with your smartphone.
The neat thing about the included converter cable is that you can use any 5V power source like a power bank or even a solar panel to recharge the battery.

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