Redragon POLLUX K628 RGB Review Socket Style Hot Swap Keyboard

Meet Redragon's Castor K631 twin half-brother - Pollux K628 RGB - Redragon's "second-ever" 5-pin hot swap compatible mechanical keyboard with dedicated arrow keys, PrintScreen key and numpad, as well as 33 virtual keys accessible via the Fn key. Virtual keys include multimedia functions (e.g. volume, track skipping and play/pause), as well as F keys (F1-F12).

The Pollux K628 RGB lighting settings can be controlled directly from the keyboard, including brightness, turning off the backlighting and changing lighting effects from 20 multi-color changing effects and 7 single solid color effects. There is Redragon software available too (Windows computers only), which is worth downloading to gain access to up to 3 user customizable profiles, lighting effects, macro editor and full key rebinding. 

The dummy switch stabilizers have been lubed with grease to help smooth out the actuation, although they can rattle a bit when shaking the keyboard. During normal typing though, the rattling is not apparent. 

 The Pollux K628 RGB has an angled chassis, making it comfortable on the wrists  to type on. The top plate is made of plastic so, you'll experience some flex if you're a heavy typist. Dimensions are 35cm long and 10cm wide. 
The top row of keys measures 3.5 cm high, while the bottom row of keys measures 3cm high. With the feet risers deployed, the top row of keys measures 4.5cm high. The feet risers are sturdy (do not wobble) and are covered with grippy rubber that keeps the keyboard still on the desk when elevated. 

 The Pollux K628 RGB keyboard is equipped with the same Redragon Outemu red switches and 100% hot swappable hot swap sockets as the Castor K631 keyboard, which are compatible with most 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches. 
The Pollux K628 RGB also uses double shot ABS keycaps (with permanent legends) as the Castor K631 keyboard so, you can easily interchange them. The bottom row of keys is standard, although for a keyboard this type, aftermarket keycaps aren't the cheapest.

Being a 75% keyboard, the Pollux K628 RGB has 78 keys and, it is a larger and slightly heavier (477 grams) keyboard than the Castor K631 keyboard, which has a 65% layout and weighs 430 grams. The Pollux K628 RGB keyboard has arrow keys and a numpad though, making it more versatile for gaming and productivity work.

The Pollux K628 RGB keyboard comes with a metal switch puller and a plastic keycap puller, which isn't the best type because it scratches the keycaps and just doesn't work as good as a whisk style metal keycap puller, which are more effective for removing keyboard keycaps. Accessories include a 1.3 meters long detachable rubber cable with velcro strap, sticker and 6 spare extra mechanical switches. You can buy the Pollux K628 RGB 5-pin hot swap compatible mechanical keyboard from amazon and Redragon Shop

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