Quntis LED Monitor Light For PC Laptop Review Model PHX003D-S Computer Monitor Light

The Quntis led monitor light is the perfect solution for those with limited options for desk or wall mounted lighting.   
The Quntis computer monitor light (model PHX003D-S) is designed for both PC monitors and laptop screens. It comes with a detachable dual purpose clip-fit holder designed to work with thick and thin frame PC monitors and laptop screens.  
You can rest the clip-fit holder on top of a computer monitor or can clamp it into place, using the built-in spring-loaded clamp, which is designed to fit monitors between 7mm and 28mm thick, as well as ultra thin monitors (1mm/3mm thick). To fit ultra thin monitors, you have to use the included plastic coupler adapter, which narrows the width of the spring-loaded clamp. 

When resting the clip-fit holder flat on top of a monitor, it is able to keep balanced without toppling over, thanks to the built-in rear facing counterweight, which anchors down the holder, preventing it from shifting around. The clip-fit holder has been designed to be adjustable too. You can tilt the front-end of the clip (down to 30 degrees) and the counterweight down to 100 degrees.

The detachable clip-fit holder is mostly made of hard plastic, including the clamp arms. The Quntis computer monitor light clip holder works very similar to the "push-fit" bracket design of a waste pipe. It snaps into place securely and snugly without sliding around or shifting side to side. The downside to the clip design though, it's that it isn't as easy to detach. You have to pull with a bit more force and that can potentially cause it to break. Unfortunately, you cannot slide the clip holder through the body of the light. It would have been much better if you could simply slide the clip holder and then clamp it into place.
The Quntis computer monitor light weighs 250 grams (including the clip holder). Without the clip holder, the Quntis computer monitor light weighs 123 grams. The Quntis computer monitor light has a sleak design reminiscent of car window roller blind. The enclosure has a 40cm long cylindrical tube (2cm in diameter) construction made of black anodized aluminum with an anti-glare plastic diffused panel to help scatter and soften the light. The diffused panel microtextured finish helps reduce glare on eyes and on the screen too.

As far as power, the Quntis computer monitor light has been designed to run on low power (5 watts) via the USB port of a PC/laptop computer.  The dimmable leds are A++ energy rated and with 25,000 hours lifespan. The leds have also a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95 and warm white color temperature coverage from 3,000k, 4000k and 6500k. 
There are four capacitive touch sensitive buttons on top of the light enclosure, as well as a light sensor designed for "auto mode", which automatically adjusts brightness and color temperature according to the light in the room. The Quntis computer monitor light brightness is also adjustable in 3 steps but it also integrates a stepless dimming function that allows you to gradually dim the light. There is a "memory mode" too, which automatically saves current settings (e.g. brightness level) when powering off the light.
In terms of lighting performance, the Quntis computer monitor light (model PHX003D-S) pictured on this review performs very similar to the Quntis laptop light (model model PHX008) and even the price difference is minimal. However, the Quntis computer light (model PHX003D-S) feels better quality overall, and comes inside a premium packaging box with a premium detachable stiff fabric USB cable too with metal alloy plug connectors. Between the two, the Quntis computer light (model PHX003D-S) has the advantage because it works with both PC monitors and laptops and, you can use it alongside a webcam without getting in the way.

The Quntis computer light (model PHX003D-S) comes with a small Allen key, 2 meters long USB cable. You can buy the Quntis computer monitor light (model PHX003D-S) from amazon and get 10% off using promo code GadgetExplained10.

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