Tuck Backpack by WaterField Designs Review Wax Canvas Flap Rucksack


The new Tuck Backpack by WaterField Designs is a highly practical flap backpack with an attractive utilitarian design that makes you look good on every occasion!


The Tuck Backpack seen pictured is made the wax canvas model made of 15 Oz canvas fabric. The backpack has a large square body frame with up to 22 liters volume capacity. The side panels have a flexible crease that allows the backpack to expand (up to 16cm wide) and compress to maintain a slim look when carrying light loads. Despite the heavy construction of the wax canvas outer shell, the Tuck Backpack is surprisingly lightweight, weighing just a little over 1kg (1090 grams).

The Tuck Backpack has two zippered compartments only - an internal zipper and an external zipper located on the front side of the backpack flap. The internal zipper uses a standard YKK metal slider, while the external zipper uses a custom YKK metal slider with a thick metal pulltab and the word "WaterField" engraved on it. 


The external zipper slider is weatherproof and has a black anodized coating on it, as well as a rubberized seam to make it water and dust resistant. The external zipper compartment conforms to the V-shape flap of the backpack so, it is wider at the top and narrower towards the bottom (approximately 18cm high and 25cm long). The external zipper compartment is lined with the same gold honeycomb print nylon fabric material lining the inside of the main compartment.

The Tuck Backpack flap is made of wax canvas too and measures approximately 20cm high and 30cm across. The flap has a flexible crease that allows you to easily flip the flap over the top of the backpack to gain access to the main compartment. The flap of the Tuck Backpack integrates two Fidlock magnetic buckle sliders - the same type of tactical quick release buckle fasteners found on many messenger bags. 


The Fidlock magnetic buckles make a satisfying audible snap when engaged. The Fidlock magnetic buckles are a neat addition to the Tuck Backpack as they literary take seconds to operate, making them easier and more convenient to use on-the-fly than standard side release buckle clips. The magnetic Fidlock buckles slide out to one side so, you can undo and fasten the Fidlock buckles with one hand while holding the backpack with the other hand.

The Tuck Backpack has a sturdy flat bottom base, which allows you to keep the backpack upright on the ground or desktop while loading the backpack with both hands. You can also load and unload the backpack while laying it flat on its backside and easily gain access to the internal compartment, which is very roomy and integrates two large pocket sleeves, as well as a small zippered pocket with a built-in metal keyring attached to a 9cm long piece of thin webbing (nondetachable). 


The internal zippered compartment measures 15cm high and 22cm long. The large pocket sleeves are designed for storing a laptop or tablet but, you could also use them to store a graphics tablet or A4 binder. The pocket sleeves are thickly padded with velvety soft fabric material.

Despite not being padded with regular foam, the pocket sleeves feel protective enough to safely store a laptop. There is no built-in safety strap across the pocket sleeves but, the backpack flap can be snugged down to prevent contents (e.g. laptop) falling out of the pocket sleeves. The pocket sleeves are built-in 1 inch above the bottom of the backpack so, it should safe guard against bottom impacts when carrying electronics. 


The largest pocket sleeve can fit devices up to 14.5 inches (36cm) high and 11.5 inches (29cm) wide such as a 15-inch Surface Laptop 4. The smaller pocket sleeve can fit devices up to 12 inches (31cm) high and 8.75 inches (22cm) wide such as a Surface Pro X Type (including the keyboard cover).

The choice of lining (golden yellow nylon fabric) compliments the wax canvas material and also helps brighten up the interior of the compartments, making everything stand out and easier to locate. The total dimensions of the Tuck Backpack are 40cm high and 33cm wide and flattens down to about 2.5 inches (~6cm), which is pretty good considering the heavy duty construction of the backpack. As a day bag, the Tuck Backpack is probably a bit too thick for storing inside a suitcase for day trips. The Tuck Backpack side pockets are made of heavy duty mesh fabric and integrate a magnetic fastening closure to prevent small contents from falling out. The side pockets are very sizeable and can comfortably accommodate large bulky items such as a small tripod and 1L water bottle.

The Tuck Backpack shoulder straps measure 42cm long, 8cm across the top section and 5cm across the bottom section. The S curvature and springy closed cell foam padding moulds comfortably around the shoulders. The backside panel is internally padded with a thin layer of springy padding and integrate two large mesh straps (non-padded) to help with ventilation. The middle mesh strap is designed as a pass through sleeve to slide over the handlebar of a carry on trolley bag. The overall ventilation is good for the intended purpose of the Tuck Backpack. That said, backside ventilation could be more efficient if the back panel mesh was slightly more raised to increase air flow.

The shoulder straps integrate hard plastic ladderlocks to adjust the length of the webbing, as well as a small plastic adjuster to prevent the excess webbing from getting in the way. On top of the Tuck Backpack, there is a webbing strap grab handle reinforced with the same heavy duty canvas fabric as the outer shell of the backpack. The grab handle loophole measures 10cm across so, it will comfortably fit a hand width that isn't wider than 10cm. The magnetic Fidlock buckles are attached to the flap of the backpack via a short piece of webbing, which is sewn to the flap via reinforcement stitches.

The Tuck Backpack has been designed as a modern version of a vintage army rucksack so, it stands out from most backpacks on the market. As a minimalist backpack, the Tuck fits the bill to a tee. It doesn't have tons of organizational pockets and branding has been kept to a minimal with only two fabric brand tags on the entire Tuck Backpack. The branding is also hidden from view, which is a plus since minimalists don't like being a human billboard! The underside of the Tuck Backpack flap could have probably been used to, perhaps, create an storage area for holding a few pens via elastic loops.

The Tuck Backpack is available in 1050D ballistic nylon (black leather and chocolate leather accents), as well as in wax canvas, which is the one pictured on this review. All three Tuck versions have the same price tag and include a tech accessory pouch (at an additional cost). The wax canvas version is, especially, nice because of the "weathered look" of the canvas, which is has been saturated in wax, making it water and stain repellent. 


The wax canvas can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth too. The handmade craftsmanship is another strong selling point for the Tuck Backpack, which has been superbly made without cutting corners and with a high attention to detail. The minimal use of zippers is a clever move to increase the lifespan of the Tuck Backpack. You can buy the Tuck Backpack via Sfbags.com

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