Royal Kludge RK925 Review Folding Mechanical Keyboard With Phone Cradle


A keyboard you can literary clutch with one hand! Royal Kludge joins the trending wave of foldable smartphones with a foldable chiclet style mechanical keyboard, which folds in half!

The RK925 keyboard consists of two separate parts that fold together like a sandwich via two metal hinges, exposing a short bit of ribbon cable connecting both parts together. The RK925 has 68 keys in total, including dedicated navigational arrow keys. There are function and multimedia keys too (e.g. F1-F12, END, PgUp, calculator, next/previous, Windows Lock, etc), which are built-in to the keyboard as a second function and accessed via the Fn command key. There is also a Mac mode, which turns the Windows key layout into a Mac layout. Windows mode has a total of 30 second functions, while Mac mode has 24 second functions.

When unfolded flat, the RK925 keyboard measures 33cm long, 18cm wide and 1.5cm high. When folded, the keyboard measures 33cm long, 3.4cm high and 3.4cm wide. Being a flat keyboard, the height of the RK925 keyboard is evenly across the top, middle and bottom rows. The keycaps are small and rectangularly flat (4mm thick) like small "chiclet" squares with rounded corners. For practical purposes, the RK925 keyboard performs similar to a chiclet (island-style) keyboard. The keycaps are made of double shot ABS so, the keycap legend is permanent. The RK925 uses red linear (SMT) switches made by Content mechanical switch manufacturer and has identical performance to Outemu red switches. The switches are non hot swappable.

The RK925 silent folding design is a great feature that allows the keyboard to be the smallest 60% keyboard currently on the market. The only drawback with the RK925 keyboard folding feature is that the folding hinges don't have a locking mechanism to keep the keyboard securely straight when flat. A "click-lock" type mechanism would be useful to prevent the keyboard from folding back on itself when being lifted off a desk.

The RK925 keyboard backlight can be turned off and adjusted directly from the keyboard by cycling down four levels of brightness. The backlight effects and speed are also controlled directly from the keyboard. The RK925 isn't an RGB keyboard so, the lighting is limited to white color with three basic breathing effects.

The RK925 keyboard integrates a bluetooth 5.1 chipset that supports multipoint connection to up to 5 different bluetooth devices at the same time. Most bluetooth keyboards only support 3 simultaneous multipoint connections. Aside from being able to fold in half, the RK925 keyboard can hold a smart device via a deployable kickstand cradle made of plastic and with a rubberized base. The kickstand cradle dopes not wobble, thanks to the strong hinge and magnets that keeps the kickstand securely extended and magnetically retracted without rattling. Speaking of rattling, the keycaps do not rattle or wobble when typing, except for the longer keycaps due to dummy switch stabilizers, which can rattle a little.

Because of the low profile design, the RK925 switches and keycaps use a custom stem rather than a standard cross stem. The only drawback with this design though, it's that it makes it harder to find aftermarket keycaps. As well as being very compact, the RK925 keyboard is very lightweight (weighs just 507 grams) and has a plastic top plate and aluminum body. The plastic top plate does have some keyboard flex, which will only be noticeable if you're a heavy typer.

The actual thickness of the aluminum body varies between 9mm thick and 1.4cm thick towards the front enclosure which houses the electronic components and rechargeable 600 mAh battery. As far as battery/runtime performance, the RK925 keyboard internal battery is designed to be charged via the USB port of a computer in 3 hours. There is no quick charge support and the input charge has been capped to 100mA (5V/0.1A); hence you cannot speed up the charging process. The battery has a runtime life of around 29 hours with the lighting turned off and 4 hours with the lights on at 100% brightness.

There is a power saving mode built-in to which turns off the backlight after 5 minutes of keyboard inactivity. Like most bluetooth backlit keyboards, the power saving mode is useful but cannot be disabled, which would be great to be able to use the keyboard lighting as a night light in a dark room.

On top of the keyboard, there is also a status led for bluetooth connection and charging. When battery is low, the status led will flash red. The USB-C charging port and power switch are located next to each other on the front left side of the keyboard. The bottom base of the keyboard is flat and does not integrate keyboard legs other than 9 rubber strips located around the perimeter edge to help stabilize the keyboard on a smooth surface.

While the RK925 keyboard has a chiclet style form factor and it's quieter than most mech keyboards, it is a mechanical keyboard at the end of the day. It isn't as quiet as a chiclet keyboard (especially during high-intensive typing), which means the RK925 is better suited for home use rather than an open place (e.g. library or work office) where the noise level has to be kept low. The keycap spacing is similar to a chiclet keyboard too like the Apple Magic Keyboard so, the typing performance isn't the best for word processing or touch typing. 

The RK925 keyboard has a solid construction and feels like it will last a long time but, the durability is more compromised than a standard keyboard due to the folding hinge design and delicate ribbon cable, which becomes exposed when the keyboard is folded in half and makes the RK925 keyboard a bit more susceptible to moisture and dust. The RK925 kickstand feature is more versatile too than a standard device cradle because it is adjustable. You adjust the inclination of the phone or tablet at various angles by simply spacing the kickstand arms closer or further apart.

A suedette drawstring pouch is included to protect the keyboard along with a metal keycap puller with plastic handle, detachable rubber cable (1.7 meters), velcro strap for cable management and user guide. You can buy the RK925 foldable keyboard in black anodized aluminum body with either white, red or brown Content switches. Check out the Redragon K621 Horus keyboard, CASTOR K631 RGB, and Royal Kludge RK61 keyboard.

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