Kospet Tank M1 Review Rugged Smartwatch For Tracking Health & Fitness

Smartwatches can help make your life that little bit easier, giving you the heads up for any messages or notifications while letting you keep on eye on your fitness and sleep! The smart watch seen pictured it's the Tank M1 by Kospet a health and fitness smart watch powered by the RealTek 8762DK chip.

The Kospet Tank M1 smartwatch is made of metal and plastic and features a 1.72 inch TFT capacitve touch color screen with 280 x 320 pixel resolution. The screen sensitivity cannot be adjusted but it is highly responsive and responds to touch inputs instantly. The screen turns off automatically (auto-lock) after 10 seconds but you can easily wake it up by flicking the wrist. Auto lock cannot be disabled but it can be adjusted from four options (5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds and 20 seconds) via the Da Fit app. The Tank M1 user interface supports 13 different languages too.

The Tank M1 has a variety of health and wellness features that include24- hour continuous heart rate monitoring, pedometer, physical activity tracking with over 20 sports modes (running, cycling, etc.), drink water reminder, sedentary reminder, do not disturb, and sleep monitoring, which shows you a 7-day outlook of deep sleep and light sleep. 


Deep sleep should account to at least 15% of your total sleep, which means, if you sleep 7 hours every night you should get at least 2 hours of deep sleep. The Da Fit mobile app provides more in depth sleep information such as REM sleep, awake time, sleep quality score, sleep assessment, average BPM and a sleep ratio pie chart.

The Kospet Tank M1 smartwatch is controlled via touch screen gestures and via two physical textured plastic buttons (power/back buttons) located on the right side of the watch. The buttons have a springy (non-clicky) actuation, which is tactile and responsive . By swiping the touch screen up/down, left/right and long pressing the touch control, you can access the watch's settings and functions, including heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, weather widget, music player and Spo2 (oxygen saturation) test. There are a total of 18 apps built-in to the Tank M1 watch. 

There are some features (e.g. time/date and alarms) that you can't control directly from the Tank M1 watch and require the use of the Da Fit mobile app. Once paired to your phone, the Tank M1 time and date gets automatically synced. There is no speaker built-in to the Tank M1 but there is a vibration motor, which makes an audible sound when activated.

The Da Fit mobile app works well and has a user friendly interface. You don't have to register an account so, it isn't as intrusive as other apps. Overall, the Da Fit app is a nice addition to the Tank M1, enhancing the functionality of the watch. Via the mobile app, you can view data more clearly and more detailed (including charts). 


Heart rate monitoring consumes more power but it can be turned off via the app. Via the Tank M1 watch, you can view a 24-hour outlook of your heart rate, as well as BPM (beats per minute) during a workout and 7-day readings of your blood pressure levels (systolic/diastolic) and blood oxygen level. You can view daily, weekly and monthly continuous heart rate data via the Da Fit app only.

The Tank M1 smartwatch supports wireless connectivity via bluetooth; hence you can pair the watch to a smartphone (Android 6+/ iOS 9+) via Da Fit mobile app and gain access to neat features such as remote shutter which turns the Tank M1 into a bluetooth remote shutter so, you can take pictures with your phone's camera app. When paired to a phone, you can also access phone notifications (for calls, messages and third-party apps like whatsapp) via the watch. There are 12 stock watch faces built-in to the watch but you can download many more via the app.

The Tank M1 does not have GPS navigation built-in natively but once it's connected to a phone, the Tank M1 is able to piggyback of a phone's GPS and track location on a Google Map, which is handy for outdoor running or cycling. Tank M1 does not support emergency call, fall detection, Wifi connectivity or SIM/e-SIM connectivity; hence you cannot make and receive calls.

The Tank M1 charges via the included charging cable (64cm long), taking 2 hours to charge the internal 380mAh lithium polymer battery via the USB port of a computer (5V/500mA). The Tank M1 watch does not suport fast charging; hence you cannot speed up the charging time.

The Tank M1 charging cable has a USB-A plug connector at one end and a proprietary magnetic 2-pin connector at the other end. This means, you cannot use a regular charging cable, which would have been convenient. On the plus side, the magnetic connection makes it less fiddly and attaches to the back of the watch first time around, making it more convenient than charging via USB connection.

Another advantage of Tank M1's magnetic charging is that you won't have to worry about the charging port wearing out. The Tank M1 watch is portless and more water resistant (5ATM/IP69K) than a smartwatch that charges via USB connection. Being IP69K rated, the Tank M1 is resistant against dust, high temperature and high pressure water so, you can safely submerge the Tank M1 watch down to 50 meters of water dept so, you could use it for scuba diving.

The Tank M1 has a bulky construction (weighs 36 grams) and measures 5.5cm long, 4cm wide and 1cm thick. The backside of the watch integrates the heart rate sensor, which sits almost flat against the watch so, it does not create a protruding bump. This means, the watch sits flush against the wrist which feels more secure, although it also makes the wrist a bit more sweaty. The included wrist strap weighs 22 grams and it's detachable via 27mm long spring bars. The straps are not interchangeable with Kospet's Prime and Optimus watches.

The Kospet Tank M1 is an easy to use and easy to setup smart health watch, making it ideal for a first time user who is buying a smartwatch for the first time. Tank M1 lets you track sports activities, heart rate and sleep to give you a better idea of your overall health. Like most wrist-based smart health bands though, Tank M1 health readings won't be as accurate as a sports watch with a chest strap.

The blood pressure reading is likely to be the least accurate reading due to the lack of an inflatable blood pressure cuff. The biggest selling points for the Tank M1 are durability, 100% waterproof and super long battery life. From a single charge, you can use the the Tank M1 for at least 13 days, including constant heart monitoring turned on.

Accessories included with the Tank M1 include two screen protectors and an extra silicone wrist strap (grey camo version) which you get free of charge during the current 30-day promotional offer (ends 10th March 2022). To get 10% off the purchase use promotional code KOSPETTM39 via Kospet's website.

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