Tronsmart Battle Review Gaming Earbuds With Poke ball Charging Case

The new Tronsmart Battle are Pokemon-inspired earbuds with a unique rotary lid charging case design modeled after a poke ball! 

The Battle case lid rotates around the centre of the charging case via a smooth, silent friction hinge that keeps the lid securely retracted backward without sliding back and forth. The lid slides back around easily and, you can even close it with one hand. The lid closes magnetically too, which is nice as it stops it from opening accidentally. The charging dock is also magnetized so, the earbuds do not fall out.

The Battle charging case is made of two parts: an inner black plastic shell, which houses the earbuds and an outer shell, which is not removable and doubles as a protective clear case. The long status led bar on the bottom is located inside the clear case, which is made of see-through plastic with a metal alloy stud on the centre that looks like a poke ball release button. The Battle charging case isn't actually ball shaped so, you cannot roll it around like a ball. The Battle case is circular (55mm diameter) and 2.5cm thick.

The Battle charging case can only be laid flat on its side but you can keep it upright when plugging in the charging cable in the rear of the case where the USB-C charging port it located. The Battle charging case takes 2 hours to recharge.

The Tronsmart Battle earbuds have the same pod shell design as the Onyx Ace earbuds with a 2.5cm long thin stem and an almond-shaped nozzle tip, which is covered with plastic mesh guard. The Battle earbuds have a plastic glossy finish on the front of the stem and matte finish everywhere else. The Battle earbuds take 2 hours to recharge - same time as the charging case - and do not support quick charge. 

At 50% volume, you can get 5 hours of battery life via SBC codec and 4 hours when using game mode. Despite using 13mm dynamic drivers, the Battle earbuds aren't the loudest sounding, which is primarily due to the earbuds pod design. They fit on the "outer canal" rather than insert inside the ear canal and do not use eartips like regular in-ears. If you crank the volume to 80% with game mode the battery life shortens to 3.5 hours. As far as the sound signature, it has a flat bass and prominent higher tones, which is great for games where hearing audio cues is important. Game immersion isn't the deepest due to the thin bass response.

The Battle charging case clear plastic has a smooth glossy finish that doesn't mark easily with fingerprints or scratches. The earbuds are very easy to take out of the charging case and only weigh 3 grams each, making the the Battle earbuds one of the most lightweight gaming earbuds on the market. The charging case by itself weighs 34 grams and can hold 10 hours. The Battle earbuds have no anc/ambient mode but there is a microphone on each earbud for calls. The mic quality is very good for work calls and for chatting during online multiplayer. It is loud, clear and cuts out a lot of background noise.

The Tronsmart Battle earbuds touch controls functions include play/pause, track skipping, voice assistant, game mode and volume control. There is no app support; hence no way to remap the gestures, which include single tap, double tap, triple tap and long press. That said, the Battle earbuds touch control gestures are user friendly and easy to remember. There is no bluetooth multipoint support for dual connections.

The Tronsmart Battle earbuds only support SBC codec and game mode, which is rated at 45ms. That said, you can be the judge by watching the latency test on the video below. As far as AAC codec, the marketing literature states that it is supported but upon checking, AAC doesn't seem to be supported.

Tronsmart Battle earbuds touch controls are responsive and integrate an audible tone that beeps every time you activate a function. The beep tone isn't overly loud, although some users may find the beep tone annoying especially since it cannot be disabled. There are also voice prompts to alert you when entering gaming/normal modes.

Opening the Tronsmart Battle charging case triggers automatic pairing so, you can pair and connect them whilst inside the charging case. The earbuds will auto power on and power off when taken out of the charging case.  The earbuds status led blinks/flashes during audio playback. You can switch between earbuds seamlessly for mono listening without the audio pausing or stopping. The only minor drawback though, it's a long 4 second re-connection delay after taking the earbuds from the charging case. You can buy the Tronsmart Battle earbuds from Tronsmart and amazon  when they become available.

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