SuperEQ Q2 Pro Review ANC Earbuds With Long Battery Life


Latest tech and good all-round performance at an affordable price! The SuperEQ Q2 Pro are a solid choice for those looking not to spend a fortune on true wireless. The Q2 Pro uses two anc microphones (feedforward microphone and a feedback microphone) to carry out three functions: anc, ambient sound and calls. 

The anc mics do a good job at cancelling most everyday sounds such as engine noise, fans, construction work, etc; - anything that is low frequency and constant, the anc mics are able to effectively weaken the noise. The anc also suppresses some high frequencies like voices and people talking, although not quite as much. You will hear voice prompts for anc/ambient modes

As far as ambient sound, the mics do a good job too, letting in external sounds so, you can hear your surroundings, as well as talk to people without having to remove the earbuds. Both anc and ambient modes can be used with and without audio playing. For calls, the Q2 Pro work well and, you can use them in loud places although they are really better suited for quieter environments. You can turn off anc mode and ambient mode too, which is worth pointing out since some anc earbuds only have two options - anc on or ambient on - so, you're forced to have one or the other turned on, which isn't ideal if you just want passive noise isolation.

The Q2 Pro earbuds are equipped with a bluetooth 5.2 chip that supports SBC and AAC codecs. There is no game mode support; hence there is no low latency mode, which is useful for reducing lag when gaming. For watching movies, the Q2 Pro are okay. The Q2 Pro earbuds can be paired and connected whilst inside the charging case, which is super convenient for answering calls quickly. The Q2 Pro earbuds cannot be used separately with different devices though. But, you can switch between them for mono listening without the audio disconnecting or pausing and without any re-connection delay, which is a plus. 


The Q2 Pro uses touch controls, which are highly sensitive, requiring only a very light touch to activate. This is advantageous when wearing thin gloves, although it also means you can very easily trigger the touch control accidentally, which can be annoying when skipping chapters in the middle of an audio book. Sound wise, it is delivered via 12mm dynamic drivers, which put out good volume with punchy bass sound, strong vocals and clear instrumentals. You don't have to crank up the volume to 100% to get good bass, midrange and treble, which are clear and balanced. Like most anc earbuds, the Q2 Pro's anc mode doubles as a bass boost, which is a neat way to EQ the bass response without having to use software.

Speaking of software, the Q2 Pro do not come with mobile app support; hence you cannot remap touch control functions. There are four gesture controls - single tap, double tap, triple tap and long press for controlling the anc mode and ambient/transparency mode. Touch control functions include play/pause, calls, voice assistant and track skipping. Volume is not supported nor is multipoint connection.

At 50% volume and with anc off, you can get 10 hours of playtime. Battery life is shorter with anc turned on, although not by much - 7.5 hours. The earbuds take 2 hours to charge from 0% to 100%. Depending on usage, the Q2 Pro charging case can hold between 39 hours (anc off) and 29 hours (anc on) of extra charge. The Q2 Pro charging case weighs 36 grams and measures 6cm long, 2.5cm thick and 4cm high and has a single sturdy hinge that keeps the lid upright without wobbling.

The Q2 Pro charging case has a matte plastic black finish with the word "SuperEQ" branding printed on top of the lid in gold lettering. The charging case has a round ergonomic shape with a curved top and flat base so, you can rest the charging case upright on a desk. There are three tiny battery leds on the front and a USB-C charging port on the rear of the case. The battery leds on the case are designed to feedback battery status of the case, as well as the earbuds. The case leds stay lit up until the earbuds are fully charged. There is no status leds on the earbuds themselves, which means no annoying blinking lights when listening to audio.

The Q2 Pro earbuds have a matte plastic body with a glossy faceplate, which has a wavey staircase outer ring and a gold plated inner ring with "S" logo printed in the centre of the touch control panel. The gold accent matches well with the black plastic; however, it also makes the Q2 Pro earbuds standout a lot more from the ears, especially due to the "S" brand logo of SuperEQ, which looks like the dollar symbol.

The Q2 Pro earbuds have a stubby nozzle neck, which is thin and short so, the earbuds don't insert too deeply inside the ear canal. At 6 grams per earbud, the Q2 Pro earbuds are a bit heavier than most true wireless earbuds and also bulkier due to the tall body; hence they do stick out of the ears a little bit more. The Q2 Pro earbuds look better suited for people with larger ears, although they should fit comfortable on most ears, thanks to the short nozzle neck. That said, the big barrel shape design of the Q2 Pro does push the earbuds out of the ears a little bit, which means they aren't ideal for running/exercising. You can buy the SuperEQ Q2 Pro from amazon or SuperEQ and get 20% using coupon code GETQ2PRO. Check out the review of the SuperEQ S1 ANC headphones.

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