TIN HiFi T1S Review Non-Fatiguing IEMs for Casual Listening

One of the yummiest looking IEMs on the market - the new T1S by TIN Hifi - could be the icing on the cake you are looking for! 
The TINHiFi T1S have a see-through body shell made of resin. This includes the nozzle, which looks like a glass tube pipe with a fabric mesh guard. The glass-like finish of the T1S shells allows you to clearly see the beryllium plated dynamic driver in all its glory. The faceplate is made of opaque glossy plastic with a yummy glace icing finish. 

Tucked under the side of the shell, there is subtle branding "Tin Hifi T1 Plus" laser etched with a grey engraving. It's nice that the branding has been kept to a minimum and subtle, which is always a plus when it comes to earphones. Speaking of plus, it is not clear why the T1S have "Tin Hifi T1 Plus" branding on them because this confuses them with the T1 Plus model, which is the predecessor the T1S has been upgraded from. 

The 2-pin enclosure is made of transparent rubber and has subtle (hardly noticeable) R/L markings. The pins are tucked inside the enclosure, minimizing the likelyhood of bending the pins accidentally. This is why recessed 2-pins are more ideal than extruded 2 pins sticking out. 

Inline the T1S stock cable, there is a Y splitter and bead style cinch for shortening the y cabling. The cinch slides up and down ok but it's a bit loose rather than snug, which is needed in order for the cinch to be functional. The Y-splitter is located 30cm down the cable and has a barrel design. It's hard to tell which material the Y splutter is made of but it feels like chrome plastic.

The T1S stock cable measures 1.1 meters long and comes with 0.78mm 2 pin design. The cable uses silver plated wiring with twisted braid sheath, which makes the cable look like a chainlink. The ear hooks have been pre-shaped with thick silicone tubing. The T1S earphones weigh 3 grams each, while the stock cable weighs 14 grams, making it a total combined weight of just 20 grams. 
The T1S is one of the most lightweight IEMs on the market - even more lightweight than the Tin Hifi T3 Plus (24 grams), TRN TA2 (22 grams), Tin Hifi T2 Evo (25 grams), Blon BL Mini (26 grams), Shanling ME80 (28 grams), Tripowin TC01 (32 grams), Blon BL07 (39 grams), CCA CA10 (31 grams) and CCA CKX (36 grams).

The T1S 10mm single dynamic drivers have low impedance (32 ohms) and high sensitivity (105dB), which produces loud volume and a warm sounding signature focused on mid-bass and rolled off sub-bass; hence non-boosted bass. The treble is pushed back (non-fatiguing) and so is the midrange; hence you can't hear a lot of detail in the sound. The T1S are perfect fro casual listening. For anything more technical, it's best going with a different set like the Tin Hifi P1 Max
Aside from the IEM cable accessory, you get a Tin Hifi branded velcro strap for neatly managing the cable and standard bowl shaped silicone tips. The Tin Hifi T1S come in 4 different colorways to choose from. You can buy the Tin Hifi T1S from Linsoul and amazon

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