OneOdio F2 Review Long Battery Life TWS Earbuds Without ANC


The OneOdio F2 charging case has a very unique design made to look like a mini retro digital camera and, very convincing at that, with a black outer ring and battery status leds that resemble a flash and camera lens. The black outer ring is there just for style and, it's made of plastic with circular grooves around it like a vinyl record. The OneOdio F2 charging case feels very well made with a strong hinge lid that shuts cleanly without shaking or wobbling around. 

The F2 case has a tall, slimline frame that is pocket friendly. Dimensions of the F2 case are 6cm long, 2.5cm thick and 5cm high. The OneOdio F2 charging case weighs 39 grams and has a vertical design, although the case cannot stand upright on a desk due to its curved base. The USB-C charging port also happens to be at the bottom.

The OneOdio F2 earbuds have the same color scheme as the charging case but without the glossy finish, which is a pity as the matte plastic on the stem of the earbuds don't look as premium looking as the charging case. 


Aesthetics aside, the F2 earbuds fit comfortably and without sticking out excessively out of the ears. The stem design is always a plus as it helps anchor the earbuds. The F2 earbuds have a very long stem - 2.5cm long. The earbuds are also very lightweight - only 4 grams - so you don't notice them that much and, they don't feel like they're going to fall out of the ears.

Above the stem, there is a chrome plastic plate for touch control, which is textured like a vinyl record. There is also a status light right on top of the earbud, which blinks when playing audio. Some people find status lights annoying. Luckily, the F2 earbuds status led is hidden on top so, it's a bit out of the way. 

The microphone for calls is located down below the stem on the outer side, which is an interesting placement since on most earbuds the mic is located at the bottom end of the stem. Despite the unusual location, the microphone delivers good quality for decent calls. You can also take calls in loud environments, thanks to the noise suppression, which works pretty well at drowning loud noises.

Touch control gestures are nice - very responsive - and requiring only a light touch on the earbud to activate functions without having to tap. Touch controls include play/pause, track skipping, voice assistant, calls and power on/off. There is no volume control, which is a disadvantage as most earbuds do support volume. 


The F2 earbuds don't have mobile app support so, there is no button remapping available, which would have been useful for swapping the power on/off function with volume control. While the F2 earbuds don't feature volume, the power on/off function is actually useful as this allows you to use the earbuds separately with different devices as two independent bluetooth devices, which is a really nice feature a lot of manufacturers seem to be phasing out. Most newer earbuds on the market cannot be used solely without the other earbud so, that's a big selling point for the F2 earbuds.

The included eartips are made of thin rubber, including the inner bore which makes the eartips comfortable to wear, although they don't provide as much passive isolation as thicker silicone eartips. The OneOdio F2 earbuds connect via Bluetooth 5.0 connection, which supports aptX, SBC and AAC codecs (most earbuds on the market do not support aptX). The F2 earbuds do not support multipoint dual connectivity.

Opening the charging case does not trigger bluetooth pairing so, you have to manually pinch the earbuds out of the case. Once paired and connected, you can switch seamlessly between earbuds for mono listening without audio pausing or disconnecting. There is no re-connection delay, which is another plus for the F2 earbuds. A lot of earbuds tend to experience 2-4 seconds delay, which is a bit too long and can spoil the user experience, especially when trying to answer a quick call.

The F2 earbuds house highly sensitive (103dB) 10mm dynamic drivers, which deliver superb volume and lively dynamic sound. There is a good bassy punch and powerful clear vocals. Accessories include a charging cable and only two extra sets of silicone eartips, including the set of tips already fitted to the earbuds. The selection of tips is a little short. Adding different size earbuds is always a good idea to help the user get the best fit. You can buy the OneOdio F2 earbuds from amazon.

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