BLON BL07 Review Single Dynamic Driver IEM


Sporting a galaxy glitter metallic purple finish, the new Blon BL07 IEMs are hard to miss! The new Blon BL07 have a similar driver architecture to the previous Blon iteration - the Blon BL Mini - which is also a single dynamic driver IEM with 6mm divers. The BL07 uses 10mm fiber diaphragm drivers, which pack more volume sound (115dB).

The Blon BL07 earphones are made of two separate halves, which you can tell are joined together as the join is very noticeable. The top half of the shell has a polyhedron design with multiple faces, while the bottom half has a more standard shape, aside from a side indentation for ergonomics. The bottom half of the BL07 shell also integrates two large pinholes (tiny bass reflex ports) and a long nozzle neck with a metal mesh guard. The earphone shells (and nozzle) are made of solid zinc alloy metal so, they feel very durable and should not break easily.

The Blon BL07 cable has preformed ear hooks with a soft silicone tube wrap to prevent the cable from rubbing against the top of the ear. Being preformed, the ear hooks cannot be reshaped but, they're bendy and flexible so, you can easily adjust the ear hooks around the ear. Speaking of silicone, the cable sheath is also made of silicone tubing so, it is not braided like with most cable IEMs. The Blon BL07 cable is made similarly to the Shanling ME80 cable but with a transparent sheath that shows the twisted silver plated wiring inside it. The cable features a y-splitter and 3.5mm plug connector. It's to hard to tell the construction of the 3.5mm plug and barrel y-splitter. They seem to be made of chrome plastic or some type of thin alloy (possibly chrome). The 3.5mm plug connector is gold plated and has no "bump" so, the connector sits flush when plugged into an audio port.

The Blon BL07 cable uses 2-pin 0.78mm pins recessed inside rubberized plugs. Recessed pins are always better than extruded pins because they're less likely to bend or break. While the plug pins are recessed, the earphone pin sockets are extruded so, they stick out of the earphone shell. In an ideal world, it would be better if the both the pins and sockets were recessed to help with longevity. With the current design of IEMs though, it's either recessed plug pins with extruded pin sockets or extruded pins with recessed pin sockets like with the Tripoin TC01 IEMs.

Many IEM cables sometimes integrate blue dots to indicate pin polarity, as well as a red dot to indicate "right channel". These markings are always useful so, you get the right pin orientation and connection to each earphone. 


The Blon BL07 2-pin cable plugs don't have any blue dot markings but, they do have a red dot (very subtle) as well as R/L markings subtly engraved on the plugs, which helps identify the right and left audio channels. As far as pin orientation, you have to make sure to  plug in the pins into the earphones, facing the same way to get the right polarity. It would help if this was explained in the user guide to help guide first time users who aren't familiar with IEMS.

The overall cable construction is very nice - it looks and feels premium and durable too, thanks to thick strain reliefs reinforcing the cable joints. The Blon BL07 earphones weigh 13 grams each, while the cable weighs 13 grams so, the total combined weight is 39 grams, which is 10 grams heavier than the Shanling ME80 and almost 20 grams heavier than the Blon BL Mini.

The barrel y-splitter has a marking printed on it that reads "WGZBlon 2014" - which is the same marking found on the Blon BL Mini cable. The barrel splitter is located 40cm down the cable and, there is no cable cinch to manage the y cabling. Total length of the Blon BL07 cable is 1.2 meters long. 

Despite not using balanced armature drivers, the BLON BL07 earphones manages to reproduce clear and detailed audio, although the sound stage isn't quite as wide as with a multi-driver IEM. Vocals (midrange) and high tone instruments (treble) sound more forward than the bass. The bass isn't lacking though. There is just no bass slam to it due to the recessed midbass so, you mostly hear subbass (lower bass frequencies). 

The Blon BL07 IEMs ship inside a nice hard cardboard box with a thick piece of protective foam. Accessories include a canvas drawstring pouch with a "WGZBlon 2014" marking stamped on it, as well as a total of five pairs of silicone eartips. There is no foam tips included but the silicone eartips are constructed slightly different. The set of eartips that come pre-fitted to the BL07 earphones have a tall cone shape flange, whereas the other eartips are bowl shaped and made of thinner silicone, except for one set which is made of thicker silicone, which provides better passive noise isolation and also better bass response. You can buy the Blon BL07 from Linsoul.

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