Momax Q LED 2 QL9 Review Desk Lamp With 15W Wireless Charger


The Momax Q LED 2 QL9 is a versatile, multipurpose LED lamp with variable color temperature, adjustable brightness and flexible arms and joints that fold and rotate at any angle imaginable!

Total length/height of the Momax Q LED 2 lamp is 82cm long (32 inches) and 1.3kg (1362 grams) in weight. It integrates two thick metal arm rods (33cm long x 0.7cm diameter), which are connected to each other via a flat metal bar mid-section and pivoting friction joints, which move freely and smoothly, creating a snug tension that allows you to fold and rotate the lamp securely in place at different angles.

The flat bar mid-section measures 33cm long and 4cm wide. The arm rods and flat bar are made of anodized aluminum alloy, including the pivoting joints which integrate plastic chrome accents. The head of the lamp housing is made of plastic and measures 33cm long, 5cm wide and 1.5cm thick and integrates the led panel, which consists of 90 leds (0.5W each) arranged like a honeycomb and protected by a plastic diffuser cover that scatters the light evenly.

The Q LED 2 QL9 leds are recessed inside the head lamp housing, which reduces glare from the LED lights. You won't see glare unless you stick your head literary underneath the lamp and look straight up into the LED lights. Maximum output of the LEDs is 45 watts, which translates to 400ANSI lumen in the highest setting. The LEDs have a 35,000 hour lifespan.

The bottom of the Q LED 2 QL9 led lamp is the heaviest piece and contains most of the hardware and electronics, including a touch control panel, wireless charging coil and light sensor, which enables the auto brightness feature that adjusts the brightness level based on how dark or bright the room is. There are 5 levels of brightness levels and 3 color temperature modes: warm white (3000k), natural daylight (3750-4250k) and cool day light (4700-5300k).

The Q LED 2 led lamp wireless charger supports fast charging up to 15 watts (12V/1.25A) and will work only with Qi wireless compatible devices, including Qi-enabled Apple phones (e.g. iPhone 7, iPhone 8), as well as the new MagSafe iPhones, which is pretty neat because the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 phones do not come with an Apple MagSafe charger. You can charge two devices at the same time but not at ful power (capped to 15 watts)

There is also the DC power port and USB-A port on the rim of the base. the USB port is designed for wired charging up to 10 watts (5V/2A). 


The USB-A charging port does not support QC 3.0; hence it will not work with Huawei's FCP (Fast Charge Protocol) and SCP (Super Charge Protocol) phones or Oppo's Super Vooc (SVooc) phones.

The DC power port is designed for the included 36 watt power brick wall adapter (18V/2A), which integrates a standard DC barrel connector attached to a 1.8 meter long lead cable. The power brick is large and bulky. It weighs 200 grams and measures 9cm long, 6cm deep (including plug) and 4.5cm wide.

The top part of the lamp base is made of anodize aluminum alloy and features the touch control area and wireless charging area. The underside of the base is made of plastic and integrates two long foam strips. The touch control area consists of five capacitive touch sensitive buttons and a long touch sensitive slider led bar for adjusting the brightness. The touch buttons and slider are responsive.

Aside from "auto brightness", there is also a sleep button with dual function: one tap turns the led lights to warm white at very low brightness (almost off) like a night light and two taps turns the LEDs off completely. You cannot turn the leLEDs back to full brightness from sleep mode. To turn the LEDs back to full power again, you have to double tap the power button.

Sleep mode also disables the other touch controls and the slider, which is useful if you have small children who like turning on lights! There is also a 1 hour timer button for turning the led lights off automatically after 60 minutes. You can buy the Momax Q LED 2 QL9 from amazon. You can also buy it via Momax website and get 10% off using discount code: GADGET10OFF

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