GAOMON S620 Review Graphics Tablet With GMS01 Adjustable Stand


For those who cannot afford a drawing tablet with a screen, a graphics tablet like the GAOMON S620 is a more affordable drawing tablet alternative for beginners, handwriting notes and playing OSU! You can use the S620 with a smart tablet, phone and a computer too. It is entirely made of plastic so, it's very lightweight. 


The bottom panel of the S620 tablet has concave dots and rubber pads to keep the tablet secure when drawing. The top panel (work area) is 16.5cm by 10cm. It has a soft textured finish that feels a bit like paper, although it's a bit more slippery so, you do have to get used to it at first.

On the top panel of the S620 tablet, there are four large plastic squares which are programmable physical buttons for storing shortcuts. You can assign any shortcut you want (including keyboard and mouse key functions). 


To remap the buttons, you need to download the GAOMON Tablet software. The micro USB power port is located recessed inside the front left side rim of the tablet. A USB-A to right angle micro USB cable is included. The cable is non-branded but feels quality with rubberized plug connectors. The cable weighs 27 grams and measures 1.6 meters long.

The S620 graphic tablet comes with various accessories such as cable adapters and an anti-fouling artist's glove to protect half the palm while drawing. The artist's glove is useful because it minimizes friction and prevents sweat smudging the working area while drawing. 


There is also an EMR stylus included - the ArtPaint AP32 - which GAOMON also sells separately. The ArtPaint AP32 digital pen has a soft, grippy rubbery section (5cm long) with an evenly distributed weight and narrow back end, which helps with balance. The pen weighs 14 grams and measures 16cm long.

On-board the ArtPaint AP32 pen, there is a plastic rocker with two clicky programmable shortcut key buttons that can be also assigned keyboard and mouse functions. The capacitive tip nib of the stylus is user replaceable and very easy to replace with the included metal ring tool. You get seven extra nibs to change tips.

Being an EMR stylus, the S620 stylus pen doesn't need a battery, which is the main advantage of a capacitive stylus. The S620 stylus pen gets its power from the tablet while drawing. This is very convenient because you don't have to remember to recharge it and, you don't have to worry about the stylus running out of battery half way through a long drawing session. Stylus pens that are battery powered are usually bluetooth ones like the Apple Pencil and Microsoft Surface Pen.

The neat thing about the S620 stylus pen is that it doesn't suffer from input lag like bluetooth ones and still benefits from pressure sensitivity, which is one of the main features you get with a digital pens such as the Apple Pencil. The S620 stylus pen has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity too, which means you can make a thinner/thicker line on the fly. 


The pressure sensitivity can be adjusted via the GAOMON Tablet software too, where you can also enable game mode, mouse mode and Windows Ink. Both mouse mode and Windows Ink mode let you can scroll down pages and highlight text just like with a computer mouse.

The GAOMON artist's glove is one-size fits all and weighs 7 gram. It is made of a soft lycra-like material. The S620 graphics tablet weighs 254 grams and measures 21cm long, 17cm wide and 0.8cm high. There is no pen holder included to keep the pen upright but, you get a thickly padded fabric sleeve (weighs 6 grams) to store the pen. The padded sleeve measures 17cm long, 4.5cm wide and 4mm thick.

The stand seen pictured, it's the GAOMON GMS01 graphics monitor stand, which is sold separately and it's useful for keeping the S620 tablet at a more ergonomical angle. The GMS01 stand weighs 550 gram. It's made of a plastic frame, brushed aluminum top plate and two metal kickstands with notches for height adjustment. 


The kickstands are detachable too, and they slot into the notches built-in to the opposite side. The kickstands allow you to adjust the stand at 6 different height levels so, you can position the graphics tablet at different angles. The shortest kickstand height levels are: 6cm, 7cm and 8cm. The tallest kickstand height levels are: 12cm, 13cm and 14cm.

The GMS01 tablet stand can also be flattened, which is useful for horizontal use. When flattened, the stand measures 1.5cm high, 28cm long and 18.5cm wide, which is perfect size for transportation inside a laptop sleeve. The stand also has two large vertical rubber strips, as well as a rubberized cradle ledge to hold the tablet in place when tilting up the stand. The plastic ledge measures 22cm long and 1.5cm deep and retracts flat neatly into the tablet, although it isn't magnetic so, it pops open when holding the stand upside down.

The S620 graphic tablet is compatible with most drawing software including popular ones like Adobe (Photophop and Illustrator) and Sketch. There is no driver installation required to make the tablet work. You can literary be up and running in a few seconds after unboxing and connecting the tablet to a phone or computer.

The S620 graphic tablet is very affordable, making it a smart purchase for anyone (including children) trying to get a feel of graphic designing without spending hundreds on a more expensive drawing tablet. You can buy the GAOMON S620 graphics tablet and GMS01 stand from amazon.

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