Eksa Air Joy Plus Review Gaming Headset for 24 Hour Gaming Marathon


Ultra light and comfortable - the new Eksa Air Joy Plus is the perfect headset for 24 hour gaming marathon! The Eksa Air Joy Plus headset weighs 203 grams (including the 1.8 meters long cable) so, it weighs approximately the same as the Air Joy Pro version. That said, the Air Joy Pro version has a detachable audio cable, which is always more preferable than a fixed cable because you can replace it when it breaks. 

Another reason why a headset with detachable cable is an advantage is being able to attach a longer cable. The new Air Joy Plus headset does come with a 66cm long USB rubber cable extension that increases the length of the Air Joy Plus USB-C cable to 2.5 meters long. That said, the extension USB cable has a male USB-A connector at one end and a USB-C female port at the other, which means you can only connect to a USB-A port. 


If you want to connect via USB-C connection to a Nintendo Switch or phone, you cannot use the included USB extension cable. It would have been probably better if a male to male USB-C extension cable was included, along with a small USB-A dongle adapter for PC use.

The Air Joy Plus has padded thin headband covered with PU leather on both sides, although the underside is on the thin side. Fortunately, the headset is very low weight, which minimizes hot spot on top of the head. The headband plastic inner band is reinforced with metal and has a ratchet actuation with notches to keep the headband securely adjusted at various levels. The Air Joy Plus does not come with a 3.5mm connection like the Air Plus Pro headset so, you cannot use the headset with the Xbox One S/X and original Xbox One controller.

The Air Joy Plus is compatible with PS4/PS5 via USB connection. The Eksa Air Joy Plus headset boom arm microphone measures 13cm long and has a memory wire built-in that allows you to bend the boom arm at different angles. The boom arm mic has a similar plastic as the Air Joy Pro boom arm mic, although the Air Joy Plus boom arm mic is non-detachable. Being able to remove the microphone from the headset is a neat way to make a gaming headset look like a regular pair of headphones.

The Air Joy Plus headband has low clamping force, which means the earcups do not press against the ears uncomfortably. The earpads are made of soft memory foam covered with PU leather. The earcups can tilt, although only slightly due to the limited range of motion of the yoke. You can swivel the earcups one-way to lay them flat against a desk, although the Air Joy Plus has the same "awkward" that prevents the headband from sitting flat at the same level as the earcups.

The earpad inner hole measures 5.5cm high and 4cm wide. The outer ring of the earpads measures 5.5cm high and 7.5cm wide. The depth to the driver is 2.5cm, which is about 1cm deeper than the Air Plus Pro earcups. The earpads can be replaced also and, they're interchangeable with the Air Joy Pro earpads.


The 40mm drivers are covered with a thin layer of fabric. Overall, the Air Joy Plus earcups have a larger over ear design so, they fit a bit more comfortably than the Air Joy Pro earcups. That said, the Air Joy Plus PU leather earpads aren't as breathable as the Air Joy Pro fabric earpads, which also won't develop cracks like PU leather does over time.

In terms of audio performance, both the Air Joy Plus and Air Joy Pro have the same driver hardware (40mm size/ 92dB/32 ohms) and tuning so, they have a similar sound signature with a good thumping bass, strong vocals and clean treble (even at max volume). You can change the stock sound signature via the audio equalizer in the Eksa Windows software, which is also needed in order to enable 7.1 surround sound.

It would have been convenient if the Air Joy Plus had a 7.1 sound button on the earcup to toggle between stereo and surround sound. Speaking of buttons, there is also a volume wheel onboard the earcups. The volume wheel doesn't have master volume functionality so, it does not control the volume of the source device (only controls the volume inside the earcups). The volume output is loud via phone connection and PC connection. There is a decent amount of sound leakage due to the thin construction of the earcups. Both the Air Joy Plus and Air Joy Pro have low passive noise isolation.

If like boomier bass sound, you can get this with the E900 Pro headset, which has 50mm dynamic drivers. As far as the microphone, the Air Joy Plus uses a unidirectional mic, whereas the Air Joy Pro uses a bidirectional microphone. Both microphones sound good and integrate noise suppression, although the Air Joy Pro mic volume is louder. 


The noise cancelling performance is better with the Air Joy Plus though and, that is because of the separate ENC mic, which is located on the earcup (next to the mic mute button). This allows to capture and suppress rear background noises better than the Air Joy Pro, which is has the noise suppression built-in to the mic capsule itself. Neither the the Air Joy Plus or the the Air Joy Pro have a mic mute status led.

Design wise, the Air Joy Plus is very similar to the Air Joy Pro, although the Air Joy Plus earcups have a cool metal grille pyramid RGB design that looks like the hole of a glass blowing furnace. You can buy the Air Pro Plus headset from Eksa and amazon. Check out the review of the Eksa E7000 Fenrir headset.

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