TRN TA2 Review Triple Driver IEM With Transformers Insignia Like Faceplate


The new TRN TA2 IEM earphones have a unique and distinctive faceplate that looks like a Transformers insignia! Each earphone is equipped with an 8mm dynamic driver, as well as two Knowles 33518 balanced armature drivers. The unique feature about the dynamic driver is that it is made of carbon nanotube material, which is hollow and elastic but stronger than steel.

The TA2 body shell is made of resin, which looks like regular plastic but it's more durable. The transparent see through finish is a nice touceh too, letting you see the driver circuitry. The front faceplate is made of non-metallic aluminium alloy with a striking vent coutout that resembles a Transformers logo. The vent coutout has a mesh grill underneath it. The nozzle neck and mesh guard tip are made of gold plated metal.

The low weight of the TRN TA2 earphones is very surprising, which it's a huge plus when it comes to wired audio. Each earphone weighs 4 grams, which is as low as a pair of true wireless earbuds. The cable weighs 14 grams, making the total combined weight 22 grams which is even lighter than the TIN Hifi T2 Evo and Blon BL Mini 

The TRN TA2 earphones have visible branding on the faceplate and behind the body shell next to R and L markings printed in white. The 3.5mm plug connector has TRN's logo branding printed on the rear side, as well as a thick strain relief. The 3.5mm connector also integrates a rubber o-ring, which cushions the contact against the audio port and also prevents dust getting it when the cable is plugged into a phone headphone jack or dap player. The 3.5mm plug connector is made of very thin aluminium alloy (feels like plastic composite).

The cable that is included with the TRN TA2 earphones measures 1.2 meters long. It has a see-through y-splitter made of resin that is located 32cm down the cable The cable has pre-formed ear hooks designed to be worn around the back of the ears. The hooks cannot be re-shaped but they're flexible and comfortable thanks to the silicone wrapping. 


The audio quality is very good. It is almost a V-shape sound signature, although the bass is slightly more elavated, which makes treble smoother. The soundstage is wide and the vocals are punchy. The bass, midrange and treble are layered so, you're able to hear sub-bass and upper midrange too.

The TRN TA2 cable uses 2-pin connectors, which are recessed inside see-through rubber plugs. The recessed 2-pin plug design feels more secure than the extruded 2-pin connectors that stick out. The TRN TA2 cable has the same premium feel quality and 4-strand twisted design as the T2 Evo IEM cable. The cable strands are rolled into a twist rather than a braid and integrate silver plated OFC copper wiring, which makes it more resistant against corrossion than pure copper IEM cables.

Being silver plated, the TRN TA2 cable makes the sound a little brighter (treblely) than with a pure copper cable. The only drawback with the TRN TA2 cable is the lack of visible markings on the 2-pin plugs.

The R/L markings aren't colored and can't be seen wit the naked eye unless you're using the camera zoom of a smartphone. This is actually a problem because the 2-pin plugs must be connected to the correct earphone and oritented the correct way too. Luckily, the included user guide shows a clear diagram of how to properly connect the plugs to the earphones.

The included eartips with the TRN TA2 earphones are bowl-shaped silicone eartips (3 sets of white ear tips, 3 sets of grey/red ear tips) and 1 set of grey foam ear tips. The stock eartips that come pre-fitted to the earphones, as well as the grey/red ear tips are made of thicker silicone construction with a thick inner bore. The other white silicone ear tips have a thinner construction with a thinner inner bore, which are more comfortable to wear specially if you have sensitive ears. That said, the foam ear tips and thicker silicone ear tips provide the best seal isolation and also help soften the higher tones.

There is also velcro cable tie, 6.5mm adapter and hardshell storage case included that looks like a makeup powder container. It weighs 55 grams and measures 8cm in diameter with a 3cm depth. The TRN TA2 storage case feels nice and does not mark with fingerpritns. It is lined with soft fabric material and seems to be made of anodized magnesium alloy with a rubber midframe that provides a water/dust tight seal.

 The TRN TA2 earphones come packaged inside a hard cardboard box with a thick removable foam insert. You can buy the TRN TA2 earphones from Linsoul and amazon. Check out the review of the Tripowin TC-01,--- CCA CKX, ---- Shanling ME80, ---- Tin Hifi T1S ---Tin Hifi T3 Plus

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