EarFun Free Pro 2 Review ANC Wireless Earbuds


One of the most complete set of wireless earbuds out on the market - the EarFun Free Pro 2 - featuring a full repertoire of attributes like wireless charging, active noise cancellation (ANC) and game mode.

Free Pro 2 uses hybrid ANC; hence two microphones (feedforward and feedback) to cancel noises such as construction work and traffic, as well as supress the chatter of people, although not entirely. In ambient/transparency mode, the ANC mics let you hear external sounds loud and clear, which is useful for situational awareness and talking to people. The ANC microphones also work as noise filters during calls, lowering some background noise. If the background noise is really loud though, it does get picked up during calls. In quiet environments, the call quality is clear and natural sounding.

The Free Pro 2 earbuds have a long, perpendicular nozzle neck that inserts into the ear canal. The earbuds are very low profile so, they don't stick out of the ears. The nozzle tips are oval in shape but you can use standard ear tips with circular bore. 

The body shell is made of plastic and has a matte graphene grey coating finish that hides fingerprints very well. There is also a rubber wingtip wrapping the body shell, which helps anchor the earbuds inside the ear. The wingtip is easy to remove and re-attach. As far as audio, the sound is balanced and clear between the vocals, treble and bass. To get a punchier bass, you can keep ANC turned on, which doubles as a bass booster, making the overall sound more dynamic.

The Free Pro 2 charging case weighs 30 grams and integrates a 420mAh battery. The case has a compact long rectangular shape, measuring 6.5cm long, 3cm high and 2cm thick. The charging case has the same graphene grey coating as the earbuds with the EarFun branding printed on top of the lid. The hinge lid is strong and keeps the lid upright without wobbling around. The base of the charging case is flat and integrates a wireless charging coil (same as the Air Pro 2) so, you can re-charge the case on a Qi-wireless pad. Charging time is 2 hours (via cable) and 3.5 hours via a wireless charger. The Free Pro 2 charging case can hold 18 hours of extra charge, which is enough for one recharge.

The Free Pro 2 earbuds weigh 4 grams each and are equipped with a 35mAh battery and bluetooth 5.2 chip that supports 10-minute quick charge (2hr playtime), absolute bluetooth volume, SBC and AAC codecs. The Free Pro 2 earbuds charging time is 1 hour. Battery life is 6 hours at 50% volume and ANC turned off. With ANC turned on, battery life is 5 hours. The Free Pro 2 earbuds are really comfortable, thanks to their low weight. You can use them for exercise and outdoor running, although they only have IPX5 water resistance.

Touch controls functions include play/pause, skip to next track, volume up/down, calls (answer/end/reject/call stacking), voice assistant, anc/ambient mode and game mode. The only function not supported is skip to previous. Touch controls are activated via a series of tap combinations. Touch sensitivity is responsive (not overly sensitive). Game mode reduces latency down from 200ms to 80ms, which is perfect for mobile online multiplayer gaming. Being low latency though, game mode drains the battery a lot faster (3.5 hrs) and, it also makes the wireless range not as stable at long range.

Pairing the Free Pro 2 earbuds is straight forward. Open the charging case lid and the earbuds enter bluetooth pairing automatically. This allows you to connect the earbuds whilst inside the charging case. The earbuds status led do not blink during audio playback. You will also hear an audio beep when reaching max volume, as well as a voice prompt when toggling between anc and ambient sound. At max volume, the voice prompt is very faint though.

Switching between earbuds for mono listening is seamless without bluetooth disconnecting or audio pausing. Re-connection is instantanous too; hence no re-connection delay, which is worth pointing out because most true wireless earbuds tend to experince a few seconds re-connection delay. Multipoint connection is not supported.

The amount of feaures you get with Free Pro 2 is truly astounding, making them one of the most versitile pair of earbuds on the market right now. The Free Pro 2 wireless earbuds almost have it all, aside from mobile app support; hence no EQ or button remapping, which is always super useful.

Free Pro 2 come inside a hard cardboard box and protected by a thick removable foam insert. Four pairs of different size bowl-shaped silicone ear tips are included. They are soft and thinly made, which is good for comfort, although thicker silicone tips provide a better sound seal, which helps increase the bass and passive noise isolation. Different size wingtips are also included. There is also a cotton bud toothpick included for cleaning the metal contacts. You can buy the Free Pro 2 ANC wireless earbuds from amazon UK and amazon.com and get 25% off using code EFFPROTW. Check out the review of the Earfun Free Mini.

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