Oclean X Pro Elite Review Quiet Electric Toothbrush With Wireless Charging


From doorbells to electric toothbrushes, electrical technology has made many things a lot more convinient and exciting too like brushing your teeth. Smart electric toothbrushes such as the Oclean X Pro Elite makes brushing teeth a bit less mundane and interesting too, thanks to its mobile app support, touch screen and Qi-charging.

Tthe Oclean X Pro Elite moves at the same speed (42,000 RPM) as the Oclean X Pro version but it's 15 decibels (dB) quieter, making tooth brushing more pleasant compared to the loud screetching noise (60dB) of the Oclean X Pro. The Oclean X Pro Elite recharges via Qi wireless connectivity (no cables) and a mini wireless charging coaster is included, which works just like a regular Qi wireless charging pad. In fact, you can even use it to recharge a Qi wireless enabled smartphone. The X Pro Elite can also be re-charged via a regular wireless charging pad too, which is convinient.

The X Pro Elite wireless charging coaster comes with a removable rubber boot that is designed to hold the X Pro Elite toothbrush snugly while charging upright. The X Pro Elite cannot be charged on its side (only upright) since the wireless charging coil is located on the base. As well as a rubber boot, the X Pro Elite wireless charging coaster has a non-detachable 70cm long USB-A cable attached to it. There is also a small led to indicate charging status. If the toothbrush isn't charging properly, the led will flash.

The X Pro Elite wireless charging coaster is made of plastic and has a rubber ring around the base to prevent it from sliding off. The wireless charging coaster accepts 5V/1A (5W) input charge but only outputs a maximum of 1.5W, which is enough to recharge the internal 800mAh rechargeable battery. You will receive a low battery message alert when the toothbrush battery is below 20%. It takes 3.5 hours to fully charge the X Pro Elite and battery life depends on usage and intensity. There are 32 levels of intensity. Level 1 is the highest and Level 32 is the lowest. If you use the X Pro Elite at intensity level 15 for 2 minutes, twice a day you can get 30 days of battery life. Around 40 days when set to level 32.

The dimensions of the X Pro Elite wireless charging coaster are 6.5cm in diameter, 1.5cm high (with rubber boot) and 41 grams weight. The X Pro Elite tothbrush itself weighs 100 grams (including the brush head) and has a round squarish body, measuring 24cm long and 2.3cm in diameter. The detachable (and replaceable) brushhead measures 18cm long and weighs 6 grams.

While the X Pro Elite is mostly made of plastic material, there is metal too. The motor shaft and the plate engraving that makes contact against the brush head and are made of non-magnetic metal. The base of the brush head also has a non-magnetic metal flange with engraving on it too. The X Pro Elite uses an Oclean-branded brush head made of nylon Dupont fillament bristles that are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and recyclable. The X Pro Elite integrates a bluetooth 4.0 chip that allows the X Pro Elite to communicate wirelessly with the Oclean app.

The Oclean app is compatible with Android (4 and higher) and iOS (8 and higher) devices. The X Pro Elite toothbrush can be used without the app too. The default program setting is the "standard daily cleaning" program, which runs for 2 minutes so, the toothbrush will stop automatically after 2 minutes. The standard daily cleaning program is designed to provide an equal amount of brushing throughout the mouth. The toothbrush alerts you by varying the vibration pattern every 30 seconds, indicating it's time to move to another area of the mouth.

The X Pro Elite doesn't have an auto cut off feature when charging, which means when the X Pro Elite is fully charged you have to remove it from the power source to prevent degrading the battery lifespan. On the front of the X Pro Elite, there is a responsive LCD touchscreen. Navigating through menu screens is done by swiping up and down. Menu screens include About, Duration (of brushing), Intensity, Mode (white, massage, sensitive and clean) and Home screen, which displays the mode, intensity level and battery level.The About screen shows information about the X Pro Elite, including serial number and current firmware.

Below the touchscreen, there is a physical (multifunctional) button for turning on/off the toothbrush, pausing and resuming a brushing session. The touchscreen also displays battery status and notification alerts (e.g. messages, low battery firmware updates). Data is stored in the X Pro Elite internal memory bank, which means you don't need to run the Oclean mobile app or have it running in the background. That said, data is only saved for 7 days so, you do have to make sure to upload the data to the app before it gets deleted after 7 days.

The Oclean mobile app requires an account registration and access to phone location. The Oclean app has 12 cleaning programs to choose from with intructions showing how to perform each cleaning program. The Oclean app integrates a calendar for viewing historical data about each brushing session, including duration, intensity and effective brushing time (in seconds). From the Oclean app, you can also enable "overpressure protection", which automatically reduces the RPM frequency of the toothbrush when you set the intensity level to 24 or higher.The Oclean app also shows toothbrushing time, score and suggestions on how to improve.

The Oclean X Pro Elite has IPX7 water resistance and a "lift to wake"feature (like on smartphones), which turns on the display when lifted up. A plastic protective cap is included. There is currently only one color option available - limestone grey - which is light beige in color with granular texture to it. You can buy the Oclean X Pro Elite from Oclean. Check out also the review of the Oclean W10 water flosser

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