KZ VX10 Review True Wireless Five Driver Earphones


Knowledge Zenith (EZ) is the company behind the brand new KZ VX10 - a pair of true wireless earphones with a multidriver (five driver) setup like never seen before! The VX10 integrate not 1 not 2 but 5 drivers per earbud, making it a combined total of 10 drivers!

Each VX10 earphone is equipped with one 10mm dynamic driver (DD), two 50024 balanced armature (BA) drivers and two 30019 balanced armature drivers. Like all multi-drivers, the VX10 earphones integrate a frequency divider to split frequencies accordingly. The dynamic driver handles the bass, while the 50024 BA drivers handle the midrange and upper midrange, while the 30019 BA drivers handle the high treble.The sound quality is amazingly good with superb wide soundstage. Detailed instrument separation, clear vocals, boosted treble and boosted bass.

The VX10 charging case has the design of a small round jewelry box, measuring 6cm in diameter and 3cm high. The charging case lid opens upright securely via a strong hinge that prevents the lid from flopping around. The charging dock area and lid are magnetized.

The VX10 charging case weighs 44 grams and has two KZ logo engravings - one on top of the lid and the second inside the charging area. The VX10 charging case has a smooth matte coat finish, which hides oily fingerptint smudges well. There is also a small led inside the charging area that lights different colors to indicate how much battery life there is left in the charging case. 


Red light (0-30%), yelow (31-70%) and green (71-100%). The VX10 charging time is 1 hour for the earbuds and chaging case. Quick charge is not supported. The VX10 charging case provides an addtional 20 hours, which is enough to recharge the earbuds twice. The VX10 earbuds battery life is 4 hours at 50% volume without game mode turned on.. With game mode enabled, the battery life is 2.5 hours.

The VX10 earphones weigh 6 grams each and have an odd ergonomic shape similar to a pair of custom made in ear monitors. The VX10 earphones are lightweight (6 grams per earbud) but bulky so, they stick out of the ears. The black plastic shell has a sleak glossy finish to it with R/L indicators and lettering in capital letters printed in white color. 

The lettering is located on the faceplate and backside and, it's very prominent. It reads "10 Drivers" and "Professional", which doesn't make much sense. KZ branding would have looked a lot better. The nozzle neck is made of gold plated metal, including the protective mesh guard. The VX10 earphones have two microphones per earphone - an ENC (noise reduction) microphone (on top) and a second microphone at the bottom. The call quality is clear and natural sounding in a quiet and noisy environment (e.g. traffic noise). People's voices aren't removed as much, mainly ambient sounds.

The faceplates have touch controls with good response (not overly sensitive). Just below the touch control area, there is also a status led, which flashes blue during audio playback. The status led indicates pairing connection and low battery (red flashing light). You will also hear a beep when battery is low. Touch control functions include: power on/off, play/pause (both earbuds/ single tap), skip to previous (left earbud/ double tap), skip to next (right earbud/double tap), asnwer/end/reject call (both earbuds), game mode (triple tap) and voice assistant (long press). Volume is not supported. When toggling between normal and game mode, you will hear a clear voice prompt saying "standard mode" and "high performance mode".

The included eartips are bowl-shaped but made differently to standard eartips, which are usually made of thick silicone rubber. The VX10 eartips are made of extra thin, semi transparent silicone rubber, including the bore, which is really comfortable inside the ear canal. The downside though, the VX10 silicone eartips aren't as noise isolating as thicker silicone rubber eartips, which also do a better job at enhansing the bass.

The VX10 earphones can be paired and connected while inside the charging case.You can switch between stereo and mono (and vicersa) seamlessly without audio disconnection. There is a 5 second re-connection delay after taking out the earbud from the charging case. You will hear a voice prompt saying "power on". The Bluetooth 5.2 supports SBC and AAC. No aptX support and no multipoint connection support.A short unbranded charging cable (USB-A to USB-C) is included, different size eartips and user guide. Game mode is not mentioned in the user guide but, as mentioned earlier, it is activated via a triple tap. You can buy the KZ VX10 from Linsoul. Check out the review of Tin Hifi T2 Evo, Blon BL Mini, Shanling ME80, CCA CKX.

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