Edifier G2 II Review 7.1 Surround Sound USB Headset With inline Volume Mute Remote


While not as versatile as 3.5mm stereo headphones, USB headsets are distictively more advantageous because USB headphones have a DAC/amplifier built right into the headset itself. This means, you naturally get better amplification and sound quality. You don't need to use an external DAC/amp and, on top of that, you get 7.1 surround sound support, which enhances the in-game experience.

The USB headset seen pictured, it's the Edifier G2 II - a twin version of the Edifier G4 TE headset with similar hardware, sound and asthetics but without the dual metal band overhead. The G2 II are equipped with low impedance (32 ohms) 50mm dynamic drivers with high sensitivity (98dB) so, they deliver powerful sound, clear vocals, spacious soundstage and bass, which is lightly recessed. If you don't like the stock sound signature, you can always tweak it via the software.

The Edifier G2 II headset has an omnidirectional microphone attached to a detachable boom arm, which is made of flexible memory wire rubber; hence you can bend it at any angle. A foam windscreen is also included, which is useful for suppressing some background noise too. 

Being omnidirectional, the microphone picks up sound from all directions so keyboard typing gets picked up too. That said, the quality of the Edifier G2 II microphone is very good and natural sounding, which is perfect for chattign during online multiplayer gaming.

The boom arm attaches to the Edifier G2 II headset via a 3.5mm plug connector, which integrates a twist lock mechanism that prevents the boom arm microphone from detachaing accidentally.The Edifier G2 II headset has a long non-detachable rubber cable (2.3 meters long) attached to a USB-A connector. The G2 II headset is strictly for computer use and video game consoles (e.g. Playstation 4) that support USB-A interface.

Inline the cable, there is a plastic remote control for controlling the RGB lighting, mic mute (with status led) and volume. The volume wheel is located on the side of the remote and integrates a standard potentiometer with low and max volume stoppers. The RGB lighting switch lets you turn on/off the RGB lighting. There is no option for customizing the RGB from the headset or software. By default, the RGB lighting  has a breathing color changing effect .

The inline remote has an all-plastic construction with a matte finish on the backside and glossy finish on the front side. The inline remote is large and a little heavy, measuring 6cm long, 2.5cm wide and 1cm thick. That said, the inline remote is located 62 cm down the cable, which allows you to place it on a desk so, it doesn't drag down the headset. The G2 II inline remote and cable add an extra 60 grams to the overall weight of the headset, which is 280 grams. Despite the extra weight, the G2 II headset is still very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The Edifier G2 II headset has an all plastic contruction too with matte and glossy finish accents and a plastic grille on the side of the earcups. The RGB leds are embedded inside the front of the earcup and have a circular style with the letter H, which is the Hecate Gaming logo. Hecate is a sub-brand of Edifier that provides the software support for many Edifier headsets, including the G2 II headset.

The software is worth downloading because it gives you access to a lot of settings, including 7.1 surround sound. By default, the Edifier G2 II gaming headset is set to 62% volume and the microphone is disabled. To change these default settings, you can do it via the software or from your computer by going to Sound settings. You can adjust the microphone volume, as well as the audio volume but, if you want access to advanced settings (e.g. 7.1 surround sound and equalizer), you will need to download the software from HecateGaming website.

The Edifier G2 II earcup plastic contruction is fairly thin so, there is some sound leakage at 100% volume. The G2 II headband is wide and has a large Edifier etching on top. The foam padding on the underside of the headband is on the thin side but springy. The sliding band for head adjustment is also plastic and extends out very wide, making it suitable for those with tall heads.

There is no headband yoke and no swivel mechanism either, which means the earcups cannot be rotated or tilted for head adjustment. The earcup foam padding is soft and springy with a square oval shape. The inner hole opening measures 4.5cm wide, 6cm high and 1.5cm deep. The drivers are covered with a thin layer of fabric material and heat printed with R/L markings. The included boom arm mic measures 11cm long. You can buy the Edifier G2 II headset from amazon. Check out the review of the Hecate GX headset.


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