Audew 7000 PA Suction Handheld Vacuum

For those hard to get places in the car and around the house where a full size vacuum can't get to a handheld vacuum is a handy friend!
side cooling vents
The Audew 7000PA vacuum is cordless, bagless and hand held so it's small enough to hold and comfortably operate with one hand.
14.8V 2200mAh battery
The battery itself weighs 330 grams while the vacuum unit and dust cup weigh 770 grams, bringing the total weight of the Audew 7000PA handheld vacuum to 1.1kg.
The Audew 7000PA handheld vacuum comes with two add-on heads which include an elliptical brush with a 3.5-inch mouth and a 6-inch long flat suction nozzle for vacuuming in-between cracks and corners.
The flat nozzle included with the Audew handheld vacuum also doubles as a handy extension for added reach for those long to reach places.

Size 43cm long, 12cm wide and 13cm high

The Audew 7000PA vacuum is made entirely of plastic. The body and handle grip of the vacuum are made of shiny plastic while the dust cup is made of transparent plastic.
On top of the Audew 7000PA vacuum, you find the release button for the dust cup and the power indicator light beneath it.
4cm wide suction mouth
There is a nifty flap inside the dust cup which opens during suction and closes when the suction stops preventing the dirt accumulated inside the dust cup from scaping.
The battery compartment is located right on the bottom of the handle where the detachable battery is inserted. 
battery compartment
Having a removable battery in gadgets is always neat because batteries don't last as long as they should with modern gadgets so you can always replace the battery with a new one.
Saying this, Audew doesn't actually sell replaceable batteries but you can always reach out to them if the battery stops holding charge and see if they can send you a battery replacement.
Audew model KB-1807
The Audew 7000PA vacuum cleaner runs on a 90W DC motor powered by a 14.8V Li-Ion battery with 2200mAh (32.5 watt-hour) capacity. The 90-watt motor is pretty powerful but only 22-watt of that power translates to suction power which doesn't sound like much but it's still pretty decent suction power for sucking up all kinds of debris including coins and pet hair. 
The average suction power of a full size vacuum cleaner is around 150-watt so that gives you a rough idea of what to expect with the Audew 7000PA vacuum cleaner.
As far as noise, the Audew 7000PA vacuum cleaner generates a loud but subtle buzzing noise, not high pitched so the noise doesn't make you want to cover your ears.
The detachable battery takes 4.5 hours to fully charge and can power the Audew 7000PA vacuum for a solid 25 minutes. The battery charges via the included 19V 0.5A wall power adapter which outputs 19V at 500mA.
Another important feature worth knowing about handheld vacuum cleaners like the the Audew 7000PA  is the battery charge cycle. The Audew 7000PA vacuum cleaner has a battery charge cycle of 300 cycles, meaning the battery is able to handle being charged and discharged 300 times.
Most smartphones lithium-ion batteries have anything between 300 and 450 battery charge cycles so the Audew 7000PA vacuum cleaner has a fairly long battery life expectancy of around 2 years.
To extend the battery life of lithium a battery, it's always a good not fully discharging the battery completely and recharging it every 3 months if you don't use it much.
Audew 7000PA handheld vacuum uses a stainless steel HEPA filter which is nice as you won't have to replace as often as the standard HEPA filters which are made of thin glass or plastic fibers.
You can wash a stainless steel HEPA filter over and over again for hundreds of washes and because it uses a fine mesh the filter will also catch pollen, dead skin and other microscopic particles like dust which trigger allergies.

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