Sennheiser Memory Mic Records And Syncs Audio To Video Via A Phone!

Filming 4K video on your phone is great but comes with a sacrifice and that is audio quality. But fret-not!
The Sennheiser Memory Mic solves the audio quality problem of your phone, letting you create top notch video with top notch audio for your filmmaking endeavors or for YouTube video content creation!
Newer smartphones don't come with a headphone jack which makes adding a microphone to a 3.5mm dongle a real problem but not with the Memory Mic.
Sure, you could use an external digital recorder but the Sennheiser Memory Mic is much easier to work with and much easier to store because it only weighs 30 grams. You can store it in your pocket unlike a traditional bulky microphone and recorder setup.
The Sennheiser Memory Mic is a extremely compact microphone and audio recorder, much lighter than a traditional digital portable recorder and easier to mix the audio too.
audio mixer
The Memory Mic does not require any other gear besides your phone because the audio is recorded internally in the Memory Mic.
The audio is then synced to the video recorded on your phone via the Sennheiser Memory Mic App which quickly syncs the video and audio for you without the need of using a video editor on a desktop computer.
Memory Mic pairs to your phone via standard Bluetooth 4.1 but it operates on a 2.4 GHz band, much like a wireless network.
What's really neat about the Sennheiser Memory Mic is that even though it works with your phone it does not need to be tethered to your phone while it's recording audio; hence you can shoot video and record audio at long-distance, far away from your subject.
Memory Mic measures 51mm long, 37mm wide and 16mm high
The Memory Mic app camera dashboard is simple and uncluttered. You can select the selfie/back cameras, change from video/audio interface, check recording time and battery level.
battery indicator level shows on both the camera dashboard and app's front end
You can record for up to 4 straight hours with the Sennheiser Memory Mic from a single 2 hour charge thanks to the built-in Li-Polymer 3.7 V 360mAh battery.
Charging time is pretty fast too due to fast charging integration so 70% charge is done in just 60 minutes via USB-C 5V 500 mA input charge.
You can use the Sennheiser Memory Mic as a live mic by clipping it to a shirt via the magnetic clip on the back of the Memory Mic.

Because the magnetic clip is flexible you can really clip it anywhere onto anything like an audio cable if you don't want the Memory Mic sticking out.
Sennheiser's Memory Mic is a really good sounding wireless omnidirectional microphone. The pre-polarized capsule delivers superb level and tone even with moving subjects; hence the Memory Mic works great for vlogging, outdoor nature documentaries and that sort of thing. The noise level is just 28 dB(A) SPL so it's whisper quiet too.
Memory Mic audio frequency response 100Hz –20,000 Hz 
The Memory Mic is versatile so it covers all the bases really well as a lapel microphone and shotgun microphone and that's really what makes Memory Mic really stand out from audio recorders that record audio wirelessly. Memory Mic does not suffer from bluetooth limitations. You can take the Memory Mic as far as you want to without worrying about range.
Memory Mic does not compress the audio either like wireless audio recorders do. Memory Mic records directly on the device in 48 kHz / 16 bit wav so as to produce higher quality audio.
As far as recording in loud environments like a live guitar session, concert or near a guitar amp, the Memory Mic handles the higher SPL pretty good without distortion as long as it's below 119 dB SPL.
Within the Sennheiser Memory Mic App you can choose three levels of mic sensitivity with the lowest setting still pretty sensitive but good enough to record at louder volumes without clipping/distorting the audio.
As far as deleting the recorded audio from the Memory Mic, there is no need to delete the Memory Mic manually as every time a new session is started, the internal memory of the mic will get deleted by the Sennheiser Memory Mic App.
2ft long USB A to USB C charging cable

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