Fingbox Network Security Monitoring Against ARP spoofing Attacks!

Who is on your home network and how is your home network used when you are not around? That is the question! 
Well, with a network monitoring device such as Fingbox security device which plugs directly into your router you can become your very own network administrator and IT technician from the comfort of your home!
Fingbox lets you guard your network against physical threats as well as man-in-the-middle attacks (MITMs) and key-reinstallation-attack (KRACK) threats via Fingbox's integrated Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) which detects "Evil Twins" and "Rogue" attacks on your access point.
micro USB port, network socket and diagnostics USB port
Fingbox is powered by 5V 2A
There is next to no learning curve with Fingbox as it is easy to setup in just minutes by plugging in the included flat network cable into the back of Fingbox and your home router.
Fingbox does not connect to your Wifi network as a repeater nor it acts as a router replacement. Once you plug it into your router, Fingbox appears as a device on your network. 
Fingbox construction is made of glossy white plastic and comes with a blue rubber protector case that surrounds Fingbox exposing only the led ring light.
The blue rubber case has a small opening on the back for feeding the power cable and network cable into Fingbox.
After powering Fingbox, you download the Fing app available from the Google Play Store or App Store and load up the app.
The Fing app design interface is easy to use and intuitive. You will need to create an account first which takees seconds. The current Fing app version is 1.9.3 as of August 2018.
The Fing app will automatically find your Fingbox within a few seconds (led flashes green) of looking for it.
Once your Fingbox is found, the flashing green led turns solid blue, letting you know Fingbox is active.
Then, you will be prompted to enter your physical location to complete the setup of Fingbox. Fingbox automatically scans your network and show you all the devices in your network in real time.
The Fing app offers a wide range of tools available such as Internet Speed to find out your upload and download speeds.
The Wi-Fi Speed tool is also very useful as it lets you find out Wifi dead zones in your home by running a connection speed of 100 Mbps between the Fing app and Fingbox. When a Wifi dead zone is found the speed connection drops.
You can also monitor the Internet bandwidth of your network via Fing app's Bandwidth analysis tool which lets you see who is using most of the Internet bandwidth.
This feature alone is gold because it lets you do the same monitoring IT techs have at their disposal. You are able to see who is hogging all the bandwidth, which is a very useful tool especially if you share Internet connection with other people.
Another powerful feature at your disposal is DigitalFence, which essentially lets you scout connected and non-connected Wifi devices within 15 meters of your Fingbox.
Being able to see who is within your range is important when monitoring your network security because any Wifi device within range of your Fingbox can act as a potential entry-door for a hacker.
A couple other things Fingbox DigitalFence lets you do is set "watch-alerts" for each device within your range and receive alerts of their activity.
You can even check in real-time historical logs with days and times of each device activity, which is pretty useful for monitoring phone users coming near your Wifi network (i.e. the postman).
It's worth noting though that the DigitalFence feature is only accurate if people have WiFi enabled on their phones instead of mobile data.
You can create a network, add users to it, assign devices to them and even assign a device to a specific user and control the device by blocking it and pausing its access to Internet.
You can also view the device event log to see what they have been up to, whether they are online or they went down (email alerts), what Internet speed they have, their gateway and mac address. 
You effectively become your very own network administrator as Fingbox also lets you share reports about your networks by exporting them to CSV, HTML or XML and letting you view the reports in real time via your Internet browser. 
Fingbox is the perfect solution for home or small office network administration. Parents with children will particularly find Fingbox appealing for monitoring Internet usage such as online gaming and video streaming and.
You can see also when they are online and even block them which is "power" most people would like to have.
What's great also about Fingbox is that it is continuously updated. Just this year alone there has been ten updates added to Fingbox release notes.
There is also a way to deactivate Fingbox entirely by going to your networks and swiping left on the screen.
One of Fingbox app software updates introduced a "night mode" which effectively dims down the display.
Talking about dimming down, the led ring on top of Fingbox can also be dimmed down and/or turned off completely.
Fingbox really offers a lot of functionality in such a small unit. Sure you can download free apps to do many of Fingbox features but with Fingbox you get the convenience of having everything neatly secured in a small footprint solution.
From improving network performance, detecting WiFi attacks and blocking intruders, to tracking online users and controlling Internet activity, Fingbox lets you do what IT technicians and system admins do for companies and colleges.
1.5 meter long network cable
Fingbox comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, 30 day return policy and there is no subscription either which is good to know.
Included with Fingbox network security monitoring are a network cable, power cable, quick start guide and a micro USB power adapter with detachable plugs for US, UK, EU and AU.

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