iFixit Manta Driver Universal 112 Bit Kit Includes Gamebits

Nine times out of ten if you are tearing something apart or fixing something you are going to need different screwdrivers! So, what better way to future-proof yourself than with a multi bit driver kit?
Multi bit driver kits come in different sizes so it's a good idea getting a comprehensive driver kit with as many bits as possible so you won't have to upgrade later on.
The iFixit Manta Driver toolkit is a solid choice because it contains a massive 112-piece of useful steel bits that you can use for guitar work and electronics, as well as opening a whole range of awkward devices like video console security screws.
The iFixit Manta Driver kit comes inside a laser-cut textured hard case with a magnetic lid and a high-density foam tray that conveniently lets you see and select each bit at a glance.
Both the foam and each driver bit in the iFixit Manta Driver kit integrate size numbering for easy identification.
The top lid of the Manta Driver kit features a grid like pattern on the inside part of the lid that doubles as a sorting tray for keeping screws and washers.
The Manta driver bits also have longer necks and are narrower than usual which is actually pretty good for gaining access to tighter holes.
1/4-inch magnetized aluminum bit driver
And of course, you also get two quality bit drivers for driving the bits. The drivers are made of black anodized aluminum with magnetic fit sockets, narrow grip necks and silky-smooth spinning tops. You get enough surface area on the drivers for torque and a threaded area for precision.
4mm magnetized aluminum bit driver
The iFixit Manta Driver kit also includes a four millimeter to 1/4 inch adapter so you can use the kits bits and normal quarter-inch drivers.
Speaking of driver bits, the Manta Driver kit includes bits ranging from various Phillips and flathead sizes, pentalobes, torx, torx security, triangle square, different nut driver sizes and gamebits which are a nice touch for video games and electronics.
The gamebits included in the Manta Driver kit are video game security bits that includes a 3.5mm bit and a 4.5mm.

includes two gamebits
The 3.8mm video game security bit opens game cartridges for Original Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64 (N64), Virtual Boy, Original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Sega Game Gear.
The 4.5mm gamebit opens video game consoles including Sega Master System, Sega Genesis System, Sega 32x System game cartridge; Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Cube, Virtual Boy, Game Gear, TurboGrafx 16 and TurboDuo console and many others.
iFixit Manta Driver Toolkit Includes:

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