Beldray Soup Maker 1.6L Jug Stainless Steel

With a kitchen gadget like the Beldray soup maker jug, it is much quicker making homemade soup than having to stand over the stove while ingredients are simmering for hours on a hob!
Just add the veggies and stock (or a leftover meal), switch it on, press the correct button and in 20 minutes or so, hey presto, you have 4-6 meal-size servings of fresh soup!
You can set the Beldray soup maker to make a smooth-textured soup or soup with chunks. In all, it takes between 20 and 30 minutes.
Beldray EK2613BGP model
There are no complicated instructions to follow, just a digital control panel with a few buttons to press and in no time you are enjoying a freshly batch of soup that you can take for work lunch.
The Beldray soup maker has a safety cut-out feature and overfill sensor so no worries of burning down the house or soup spilling over onto the kitchen worktop.
The inside of the Beldray soup maker is made of smooth stainless steel so the ingredients do not burn nor stick, making cleaning super easy.
removable stainless steel blade
Power into the soup maker is delivered via an IEC power socket on the base of the soup maker into which you insert the included 1.2 meter-long IEC power cable (looks like a computer power cord). 
With that said, the soup maker does not power on until the four-pin lid is placed on top of the jug which contains the four-pin socket.
The operation of the soup maker is not very noise either. The Beldray soup maker is definitely quieter than a vacuum cleaner or extractor blender since it only has 200W of blending power (any blender with 300W of power is capable of crushing ice and making smooth purees).
pouring lip
The Beldray soup maker heating output is 850W and the soup maker blends and heats the soup at the same time.
Talking of lunch, soups are a great alternative to sandwiches for a quick and easy lunch, especially if you have a demanding job or awkward shift work hours that don't allow for a sit down lunch.

scouring pad and brush included
Simply make some soup just before heading to work and pour it inside a thermal flask to consume like a cup of coffee.
While the soup is cooking in the Beldray soup maker jug, you can get on with other things which is very productive.


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