RHA MA390 Universal Aluminum Earphones

It is good to be free from cables but if you enjoy listening to music anywhere and everywhere, nothing beats a pair of wired in-ear headphones!
You can easily stash in-ears in a small pocket without taking too much space and if they are closs-platform like the RHA MA390 Universal you can plug them into an Android or Apple device unless of course, you own a smartphone without headphone jack such as the iPhone 7 and the HTC U series.
Luckily, 99% of smartphones do come with a useful 3.5mm headphone jack which offers way better sound quality and powers the earphones so no worries about limited battery life.
The RHA MA390 Universal in-ears sound good, look good, feel good and are budget-friendly so you won't be forking out an arm and a leg.
The MA390 Universal are a solid budget pair of earphones that look more expensive than they are. They are also only 15 grams in weight so they are extremely comfortable to wear on the ears.
RHA MA390 frequency response 16 – 22,000Hz
The MA390 Universal have the same 6063 aluminum grade housing you get with the MA650 wired and MA650 wireless models but with a custom 130.8 dynamic driver which deliver a natural/neutral sound with plenty of detail (89dB sensitivity), plenty of bass and superb noise isolation.
cable management
remote microphone
With the RHA MA390 Universal in-ears, you also get a single-button remote with microphone that lets you control the audio playback, activate the voice assistant and answer/reject calls.
While you only get a one-button remote to control all functions, the remote is universal so it works with both Android and Apple operating systems.
The length from the remote mic to the earphone is 5 inches so the mic dangles along jaw-level. The cable is 1.35 meters long and nylon braided.
The RHA MA390 Universal in-ears come also with some accessories, including silicone ear tips, a mesh drawstring pouch and a croc clip.
RHA Audio 3 year warranty

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