Inateck CB1001S Daypack With Trolley And Laptop Sleeves

A daypack is a useful bit of gear that helps you carry around comfortably bits and bobs so it's the perfect solution for day trips, going to school and pretty much for any occasion that requires bringing along multiple personal items.
The CB1001S daypack by Inateck is a stylish rucksack with many useful features including lots of pockets, charging port, rain cover, trolley sleeve and mesh padded back.
While the Inateck daypack does not have lockable zippers, you do get SBS zippers with hidden seams so the zipper teeth appear invisible, making it also hard for water to get in. The zippers are Inateck branded and come with metal pull tabs finished in chrome.
The outer exterior of the Inateck daypack is made from ripstop nylon fabric,making the backpack resistant to tearing, scratching and ripping, as well as water.
rain cover as well as front zippers integrate reflective material
Talking about water, the Inatech backpack comes with a backpack rain cover to cover the backpack. The rain cover has a similar design to a shower cap with a sewn-in elastic band that stretches.
The Inatech backpack has microfiber synthetic leather accents on the handle grip and the side pockets which are large enough for very small items.
While the side pockets are on the small side, the side pockets are tight making them very hard for a pickpocket to reach inside.
charging port with 2 feet-long charging cable
There is also an external USB port that is attached to an internal cable with a standard USB A connector to hook up to a powerbank for charging your gadgets while on the move. The front zippers have a reflective zipper outline and are tucked-away neatly.

The branded Inatech logo that you can see on the top right corner of the front of the back is also made of the same material as the SBS zippers.
luggage handle pass through
The Inateck backpack features a luggage handle pass through so you can slide the backpack onto a luggage handle.
The Inateck daypack measures 17.7 inches high,  11.8 inches wide and 5.1 inches thick so it can hold a 15.6 inch laptop comfortably .
Another anti theft feature you get with the Inateck daypack is a zipper back pocket which is totally hidden out of sight.
The hidden pocket on the back of the daypack is really useful for concealing personal items and it's nice that the zipper has a smooth operation that lets you open the pocket with one hand while the daypack is on your back.
You get a proper handle grip that is padded and wide so the load is spread over a wider area of the palm of your hand, preventing sore palms.

Another highlight of this Inateck laptop daypack is how much you can load up. You also get many inner pockets and neat compartment organization.
The main compartment, which opens up 180-degrees via twin zippers, has two mesh pockets and two padded pockets with an elastic velcro strap to secure a laptop and tablet. The bottom area is wide enough to keep other miscellaneous items like a pair of shoes and t-shirts.
The second main compartment of the Inateck daypack also opens up 180-degrees via a single SBS zipper. This compartment features multiple pockets, a couple pencil holders and a small mesh zipper pocket.
The shoulder straps front material is made of the same material as the rest of the backpack with ripstop nylon while the back of the shoulder straps feature breathable mesh.
chest strap
The shoulder straps on the Inateck CB1001S daypack are adjustable and comfortable thanks to sizeable thick padding and the addition of a chest strap which helps prevent the shoulder straps from slipping off your shoulders.
bottom view

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