Function101 BentoStack Storage Organizer for Apple Accessories

A successful designer understands the art of simplicity and while "keeping it simple" sounds simple enough, the process of creating something that even a first grader can understand isn't always easy! Simplification is, indeed, an art of itself!
When it comes to consumer products, simplification is the name of the game and so a product that is intuitive to use or can be understood with simple pictorial instructions is pure design genius.
Take for instance, the BentoStack storage organizer by Function101. BentoStack is a made for Apple accessories that also fits third-party accessories.
Function101 takes a page out of the Japanese bento lunch box by creating a simple storage box that is stackable and lightweight with an elegant design too that looks stylish on your desktop.
No more hassle searching and taking your Apple charger and Apple accessories while traveling. BentoStack keeps everything nice and tidy, and tangle free which is a big plus. The fact that you get two stackable bento boxes, makes Bento Stack a very versatile tidy box solution as you can use the smaller box when carrying fewer accessories.
BentoStack boxes integrate a compartment system that consists of two adjustable slide dividers that let you store even the 87W USB-C power adapter for the 15-inch MacBook Pro.
There are also two holder tray inserts with clips for storing an Apple Pencil and two Apple watch bands securely flat. The tray inserts act as retainers between the two boxes and the top lid.
The tray inserts must be inserted in the Bento Stack as they are designed to lock-in the top lid and bottom compartment together so the compartments won't slide off.
BentoStack is well thought out, from the adjustable sliders and insert trays which keep the Apple accessories neatly compartmentalized. Even when shaking the BentoStack vigorously your accessories stay neatly in place, just how you left them. And, it's not just Apple accessories. You can use Bento Stack pretty much with anything that will fit inside it.
The rubber bands keep the BentoStack extremely secure. The larger band is used to secure the double stack and the smaller band is used to secure the single stack. There is the BentoStack XL version for Europe/UK markets and the standard BentoStack for the rest of the world. Both versions are the same aside from the bottom compartment in the XL version which is bigger to accommodate bigger plugs.

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