TinHIFI P1 MAX Giant Panda Review Planar Magnetic IEM Earphones

A new contender in the planar world - the Tin HIFI P1 MAX Giant Panda edition - a beautiful planar IEM with stainless steel faceplate and 3D printed resin body joined together seamlessly! 
The nozzle is long and angled with a metal mesh guard and glossy plastic resin gives the P1 MAX earphones a really nice glass like finish. The faceplate has a sparkly accent with an interesting accent reminiscent of a spider web netting.

The included IEM cable is a premium thick cable (2.8mm) with reinforced strain reliefs, carbon fiber construction and pre-shaped earhooks with thick rubber tubing. The cable is about  1.2 meters long and features 0.78mm 2 pin connectors and a large carbon fiber 3.5mm plug (4.5cm long) styled like a barrel fuse. 

The 2 pin connectors have a extruded design, meaning the pins stick out, which is okay although with a recessed (concealed) 2 pin design is preferably as you are less likely to bend the pins by accident. The enclosure containing the 2 pin connectors is made of thin alloy with visible red and blue color rings to indicate R (right audio channel) and L (left audio channel). 

As far as weight, the P1 MAX earphones weigh 5.5 grams each, while the cable weighs 25 grams making it a total of 36 grams, which is the same weight as the CCA CKX IEM. If you prefer more lightweight IEMs, check out the Tin Hifi T3 Plus (24 grams), TRN TA2 (22 grams), Tin Hifi T2 Evo (25 grams), Blon BL Mini (26 grams) and Shanling ME80 (28 grams).
The P1 MAX earphones are equipped with a single 14.2mm planar magnetic driver with low impedance (16 ohms) and high sensitivity (98dB), making them very easy to drive from a portable audio device like a smartphone. 
The main section of cable has a loose twist braid, while the Y cabling section is straight (non-braided) and integrates a large alloy cinch, which works although it could be a bit more snug for adjusting the Y cabling. 

The Y-splitter has the same electrical fuse carbon fiber style as the 3.5mm plug and, it is located 38cm down the Y cabling section. The P1 MAX cable sheath is made of transparent Kevlar, which is durable and allows you to see the deep reddish color of the oxygen free copper 4-core wiring.

If you like clean and calm tones, you will enjoy the P1 MAX neutral tuning. The sound stage is wide and evenly spaced out with a lot of depth and height, which lets you hear micro-details in the audio you normally can't pick up with dynamic drivers. Because the bass and treble are not overdone, the listening experience is more relaxing. 
The treble doesn't fatigue the ears and the bass is not overbearing, which allows the midrange to stand out more naturally. Being planar, the P1 MAX have the same advantage as planar headphones of being easier to EQ (equalize) than dynamic drivers so, you can make the P1 MAX sound anyway you want. 

The P1 Max IEM come nicely presented inside a gift box like packaging, along with accessories including a velcro strap for cable management, a branded thin canvas drawstring pouch,  two pairs of grippy foam tips (small and medium size), 3 pairs of custom silicone tips (bowl shape) and 8 pairs of regular silicone tips (bowl shape). The custom silicone tips have a thinner flange with a thick red bore. You can buy the Tin HiFi P1 MAX Giant Panda from Linsoul and amazon. Check out the review of the Tin Hifi T1S

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