See Sense Tool Roll Review Saddle Tool Bag


Instead of rolling up, the new See Sense Tool Roll neatly folds into quarters and has a flap down design that lets you securely carry and conveniently access bike essentials on the go!
When folded, the See Sense Tool Roll is about the same size as a big wallet - measuring 14cm long, 10cm wide and 3cm thick - and features a non-detachable elastic band designed to slide over the Tool Roll and keep it neatly fastened. The Tool Roll weighs 111 grams and has a silver reflective strip - the same type you get with high-visibility (hi vis) workwear. 

When unfolded, the See Sense Tool Roll deploys into a triangular shaped tool roll with 3 quick stash pockets. The total dimensions are 26.5cm long (from top to bottom) and 30.5cm wide from side to side. The Tool Roll middle pocket is the widest (10cm wide), while the other two pockets are 9cm wide. 
The pockets have a maximum 13cm height clearance for long tools. The depth of each pocket is approximately 4cm (two fingers). The far right pocket integrates three large pen style elastic holders for securing tools like a screw driver or multi-tool.
The See Sense Tool Roll integrates a webbing strap with a hook and loop fastener and a passthrough plastic buckle designed to secure the Tool Roll onto the backside of a bike saddle by looping the strap around the saddle rails. 
The strap has a similar woven construction as a car seatbelt so, it is very strong. It measures 37cm long, 3.5cm wide and about 2mm thick. The strap has no ladderlock adjustment but the velcro is adjustable so, you can shorten the strap (down to 4cm). The loop section of velcro measures 11cm long, while the hook section measures 7cm long.. The hook and loop fastener has a strong hold and it is also easy to separate with the hands, making it convinient to deploy the SeeSense Tool Roll at a moments notice

There is a second (smaller) hook and loop velcro fastener inside the Tool Roll designed to secure down the flap and prevent the tools from falling out accidentally. Like all velcro, the Tool Roll hook and loop fasteners have a lifespan that depends on how many times you separate the hook and loop fastener. 

The life expectancy of the Tool Roll velcro fasteners is around 15,000 cycles (easily over 2+ years). Weather exposure (e.g. sun, cold, heat, etc) weakens velcro fasteners so that is something else to factor in. Luckily, the Tool Roll location under the bike seat provides some shelter from the elements, especially sun's UV light which degrades velcro even quicker. 

The See Sense Tool Roll velcro fastening is universal so, it should pretty much fit any bike with saddle rails.The velcro strap can also be removed, exposing the built-in passthrough belt loop, which is a neat feature that allows you to convert the See Sense Tool Roll into a handy trouser tool belt. The passthrough belt loop measures 3.5cm wide and, it is deep enough to accommodate a thick belt. As well as being able to carry the Tool Roll on a trouser belt, you could also attach it onto a backpack vi a bungee cord and carry it externally. 

The See Sense Tool Roll is a  simple, yet effective bike accessory to carry more bike accessories. It has been cleverly designed to be multi-purpose for carrying bike tool essentials and to double also as an extra rear bike reflector. The See Sense Tool Roll is made similarly to the See Sense Bar Bag with nylon and a pvc coating to make it water resistant. 
The blue inner lining is also made of water resistance material which wipes clean easily with a damp cloth. The overall quality of the stitching feels strong, although it is only single stitching. Double stitching would have been more ideal to bolster the Tool Roll, specially since it is a tool bag. You can buy the Tool Roll from See.Sense.

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