Western Rise Session Sun Hoodie Review Lightweight Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirt

From medieval cowl hoodies to the famous red chaperon hoodie immortalized in the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, the hoodie has been a go-to garment since time immemorial! Western Rise joins the hoodie craze with the Session Sun Hoodie - a lightweight long sleeve hooded t-shirt.
The Session Sun Hoodie is  made of double knit mesh, using two layers of 100% polyester fabric knit together as one. The Session Sun Hoodie is heavier than a single layer Jersey knit but just as comfortable to wear, thanks to the 4 way stretch and loose mesh knit (grid netting pattern). The Session Sun Hoodie is stretchy (cross-grain and lengthwise), moisture wicking and just as breathable as a mesh panel sports t-shirt.

The hood of the Session Sun Hoodie measures about 26cm tall and has a three-piece hood design made of three separate fabric pieces sewn together. This creates two seams running perpendicularly across the top and down the base of the hood, which makes the 3-piece hood design of the Sun Hoodie a lot more premium looking and very fitting than the standard two-piece hood worn by Little Red Riding Hood!
The Session Sun Hoodie sleeves measure 50cm long right from the armpit down to the edge of the cuff, which has been folded in and sewn with double stitching for reinforcement. The height of the Session Sun Hoodie is 70cm from the collar down to the bottom split side hem, which is reinforced with red fabric trim.

The Session Sun Hoodie weighs 147 grams, while the fabric weight is 88 gsm, which is ideal for mild/cool weather (e.g. summer, autumn). For colder days,  you can always pair the Session Sun Hoodie with a down fill vest such as the AirLoft Vest. 
As far as care, you won't have to wash the Session Sun Hoodie often, thanks to its antimicrobial properties which protects against oder-making bacteria and mildew musty smell, which can develop when not drying clothing properly. 

Luckily, the Session Sun Hoodie dries relatively quickly, although you can also tumble dry it at low setting. There is no need to iron it either, which is another plus. You can buy the Session Sun Hoodie from Western Rise and get 25% off (sitewide) using code SUMMER. Check out the review of the At Slim Pant and X Cotton Everyday Tee and Limitless Shirt - StrongCore Tee and Versa Hat.

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