ILIFE A11 Review Robot Vacuum With IR Remote, Multi Floor Mapping And Mop

A very quiet, powerful and convenient little clever device perfect for people with busy lifestyles! The ILIFE A11 robot vacuum cleaner helps you stay on top of the housework, thanks to its vacuum mop function for wet and dry cleaning. The A11 robot cleaner uses lidar 2.0 laser technology for mapping a room with 3000/s sampling rate accuracy and 26 feet (8 meters) long range.

ILIFE A11's main feature is the integration of a physical IR remote (measures 11cm long, 4cm wide and 2cm thick), which works via two AAA batteries (included). The remote has non-clicky mushy rubber buttons and uses a large retro style dot matrix LCD display, which shows current time and function icons. When selecting the "return to home" function, you will see a small house icon come on the remote screen. The clock display is large so, you can see the current time easily. The function icons are a bit small though, and a bit hard to read.

Overall though, the A11 physical IR remote is a useful addition, especially for those who do not like using mobile apps. The IR remote gives you access to the functions for controlling the A11 robot, including water seepage level, cleaning schedule time and changing suction power modes from Eco (800 Pa), Standard (1700 Pa) and Turbo (2600 Pa). 
The A11 robot vacuum is also capable of 4000 Pa suction power but only in spot cleaning mode. As well as the IR remote, you can also control the ILIFE A11 robot vacuum via the ILIFE VAC mobile app, which gives you access to more useful features such as virtual mapping, which allows the A11 robot to generate multi floor plans and then map out the most efficient cleaning route following a "row by row" pattern. 

Once the A11 robot maps the floor plan of the room, the app generates a zoomable 2D map of the room with the location of the robot in it so, you can find the robot should it get lost. The floor map also shows how long it takes the robot to clean the room and total area cleaned in square metres. After completing a full clean, the floor map gets automatically saved so, you can access it later. The A11 multi-floor map feature allows you to save up to three floor maps.

From the ILIFE VAC mobile app, you can perform all the functions, including manual cleaning mode, spot cleaning, edge wall cleaning, schedule cleaning sessions, adjust suction power, adjust seeping of the water tank and create a virtual wall to prevent the robot from cleaning a specific area, which means no need for physical boundaries using a black tape on the floor.

The ILIFE VAC mobile app also features a "share device" setting to allow you to give someone else access to the robot, as well a "quiet mode", which you can turn on and off at a specific time. When "quiet mode" is turned on, voice prompts are disabled and suction power is reduced down 65 noise dB. You can manually turn off the voice prompt alert too, adjust the volume level and mute the volume level right from the app. 
There is also a "zero point" calibration feature to manually calibrate the robot positioning sensors for better accuracy. The only drawbacks with the app are that it requires an account registration, as well as access to your phone's (e.g. location and photos/media access permissions), although this is standard requirement with most mobile apps on the market

The ILIFE A11 robot vacuum is equipped with a 4900mAh rechargeable battery, which is user replaceable and fast charging (3 hours to charge). The A11 robot has been progammed to return to home for charging when battery runs low (~6%) and then, resume where it left off until cleaning is complete. Battery life performance is as follow:

Smooth flooring
  • Eco mode (800 Pa): 150 minutes
  • Standard mode (1700 Pa): 116 minutes
  • Turbo mode (2700 Pa): 96 minutes
  • Spot cleaning mode (4000 Pa): 71 minutes
Carpet flooring (up to 26mm pile): 
  • Eco: 110 minutes
  • Standard: 95 minutes
  • Turbo: 70 minutes
  • Spot cleaning mode: 49 minutes
The A11 robot vacuum uses a single plastic tank divided into two compartments for storing water and dirt. The volume capacity of the water compartment is 200ml, while the dust compartment is 450ml. The dust/water container measures 18.5cm long, 9.5cm deep, 5.5cm high and weighs 270 grams. The robot A11 robot weighs 3.5kg and measures 9cm high with a 34cm diameter.
As far as design, the A11 robot has the classic round disc shape with two physical rubber buttons on top of the robot with built-in leds to feedback various statuses. One of those buttons is for activating the "return to home" function" and the other is the power button, as well as start/resume. On top of the robot, you also find the lidar laser turret and a hinged boot lid concealing the dust/water container. On the bottom of the A11 robot, there are proximity sensors, rubber wheels, a battery compartment, caster wheel, side brush motor shaft, and rolling brush cover (has no metal guard). The proximity sensors are located on the bottom and on the front bumper, which is spring-loaded and rubberized.

 The A11 robot comes with a charging dock, which is very compact taking little space and only weighing 426 grams so, you can easily carry it and stow it away. The dimensions of the charging dock are 14cm long, 7.5cm deep and 10cm high. The A11 charging dock is entirely made of plastic and features two spring loaded contacts on the front and a detachable lid on the bottom to route the power adapter cable neatly out of sight. The base of the lid has rubber pads to keep the charging dock steady. The A11 charging dock works well without issues. The robot is able to easily make contact against the spring loaded contacts without hitting and tipping over the charging dock. The A11 charging dock works via 20V/1.8A (36 watts) input and outputs 36 watts too.

The A11 robot vacuum list of accessories include the IR remote (with batteries), cutting tool, a plug adapter, a roller blade squeegee, two sweepers with flexible arms, two dust filters, a wall power adapter (with 1.2 meters DC barrel cable) and a mop accessory with two cloths. The sweepers weigh 5 grams each. The roller squeegee weighs 66 grams and it is easily interchangeable with the other roller brush (weighs 48 grams), which also has squeegee blades. Both rollers measure 15cm long and 2.5cm in diameter. 
The dust filter weighs 25 grams and detaches easily from the dust bin compartment. The dust filter is made of a woven paper-like material, which looks reusable but the user guide states that it cannot washed with water. There is also a pre-filter screen built-in which is non-removable. The mop accessory measures 30cm long, 16cm deep and 2cm high and consists of a plastic plate, which clips underneath the robot via a spring loaded clip. The cloth attaches to the plastic plate via velcro fastening, which is easy to detach and keeps the mop securely in place.
The ILIFE A11 robot is super easy to use and service it yourself with little maintenance. A11 looks and feels well made with premium quality plastic. The top mounted boot lid is a neat design which is functional. You can easily gain quick access to the dust/water compartment to empty debris and fill up water. The dust filter is also easy to detach for replacement. 
The boot lid has a glass-like finish but it is actually made of plastic, which keeps the wait down and will be less likely to break than robot vacuums with a tempered glass top. The A11 robot vacuum cleaner has a central rolling brush and one rotary side brush which do an excellent job of sweeping and collecting tiny hairs, making the A11 robot cleaner ideal if you have carpet flooring and pets.

The A11 robot's laser mapping technology works well without glitches and supports up to 3 multifloor maps, which you can save and delete. You can also customize the map and create a specific cleaning area you want the robot to clean, which is a neat future you don't get with most robot vacuums. You can buy the ILIFE A11 robot vacuum cleaner from amazon. Check out the review of the ILIFE EASINE W100 upright vacuum cleaner.

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