Moft AirFlow Laptop Stand Review + Moft Snap Phone Holder

A minimalist laptop stand and phone holder solution with a combined weight of less than 140 grams and 3mm thick footprint! Moft AirFlow is the main bit of kit designed for laptops with a diagonal screen size between 11.6 inches and 15.6 inches. Moft AirFlow supports an 8kg (18 lbs) payload so, you can comfortably mount almost any laptop as long as the laptop weight doesn't exceed 8 kg, which is still pretty remarkable considering that Moft AirFlow weighs just 74 grams!
Speaking of laptops, the AirFlow version of Moft comes with perforated holes to accommodate laptops with bottom vents, making Moft AirFlow more versatile than the original Moft laptop stand. Other than that, Moft AirFlow has similar functionality, letting you rise the height of a laptop in two levels: 15 degrees and 25 degrees, which translates to 5cm/2 inches and 8cm/3 inches in height respectively.
Moft AirFlow construction is the same as the original Moft laptop stand made of fiberglass reinforced PU fabric with a removable adhesive backing, which has enough tack to stick onto plastic or metal surfaces. 
The adhesive is also easy to remove without damaging the adhesive or leaving "sticky" residue behind. The lifespan of the Moft AirFlow adhesive is approximately 100 uses before the adhesive bonding begins to weaken. 
The origami style folding creases are extremely durable and rated for over 25,000 folds, which translates into several years of service. Moft AirFlow folding lifespan decreases decreases substantially if you were to use it for a heavy laptop such as the Acer Predator 21X, which weighs  17lbs/8kg. 
Moft AirFlow measures 22.5cm long, 17cm wide (deep) and 0.3cm thick . The perforated adhesive pad spans the entire length of the stand but it has an odd V shape so, it has a narrow section (13cm long). The depth of the adhesive pad is 14cm wide. Total weight of AirFlow is 77 grams. The bottom of AirFlow also has a textured rubber finish, which keeps the stand steady on a desk without sliding off.
Along with AirFlow, Moft has released the Moft Snap, which is a phone holder with a mounting system similar to a magnetic car vent phone holder. Moft Snap is made also of PU material and fiberglass and, it works similarly to AirFlow, being foldable with a sticky adhesive backing. That said, Snap is constructed slightly different to AirFlow. 
Moft Snap is smaller and has a rectangular shape with an adhesive pad on one end and a magnetic panel at the other end. The adhesive pad is designed to be stuck behind a laptop's back panel cover, while the magnetic panel lets you attach and detach a phone with one hand. Moft Snap is designed to work with magnetic cases too, as well as magnetic phones such as Apple's new iPhone MagSafe and non-magnetic phones, using the included metal badge, which has the same PU fabric finish.

Aside from a phone holder, Moft Snap doubles as a paper holder and webcam stand for a smartphone. As far as construction, Moft Snap is listed as being made of vegan leather and fiberglass. Despite being called "vegan leather" though, it is not real leather, although it is scratch resistant and wipes clean very easily just like AirFlow. 

As far as installation, Moft Snap is as easy to install but, you cannot use it right out of the box because the adhesive backing requires a 2 hour "curing" time. Unlike AirFlow though, Moft Snap has more versatility for different placements (e.g. car window), although the adhesive only works on plastic and smooth surfaces like metal (aluminum), as long as the surface is not painted. The adhesive does not work on leather, wood, cloth and hydrophobic surfaces.
Moft Snap weighs 54 grams and measures 14cm long, 6cm wide and 0.3cm thick. The surface area of the adhesive backing measures 7cm long and 5.5cm wide. The surface area of the magnetic panel measures 7.5cm long and 5.5cm wide. The included metal badge measures 6cm long and 6cm wide and weighs 13 grams. Total weight of Moft Snap is 67 grams - almost as heavy as AirFlow, which is surprising considering the size difference.

In closing, Moft AirFlow works as advertised and has strong selling points, particularly, for laptop users who are constantly on the move such as photographers, remote workers and long haul commuters who do a lot of computer work in coffee shops, train/bus commutes or airport lounges. Moft AirFlow also provides other benefits such as helping good wrist and neck posture. 
AirFlow isn't an universal solution for all laptops though. It is primarily made for MacBook style laptops with a flush bottom panel. That said, AirFlow does work with laptops that have an intake vent at the bottom, thanks to the perforated holes in the adhesive pad. However, before you go ahead and stick Moft AirFlow onto a bottom vent laptop be aware that the perforated holes will get blocked when closing the stand and when adjusting the height level to highest. This will naturally restrict the airflow so, you will have to power off the laptop to avoid overheating issues.

It would have been neat if Moft AirFlow could work with a tablet (e.g. iPad Pro) mounted onto a wireless keyboard (e.g. Brydge keyboard) but unfortunately it doesn't because of the weight difference between the tablet and wireless keyboard. With a regular laptop, the keyboard is the heaviest part whereas with a tablet+wireless keyboard combo the keyboard is much lighter than the tablet so, it will cause Moft AirFlow to tilt backwards. 

AirFlow does improves on the original Moft laptop stand, although the construction remains the same. While Moft AirFlow is well made, the material of the new AirFlow version could have probably been made more rigid for added stability and longer lifespan. The lifespan of the re-useable adhesive is also relatively short (up to 6 times only).You can buy Moft AirFlow and Moft Snap from amazon. Check out the review of the Moft X phone and tablet stand.

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