Marsback Zephyr PRO Review Gaming Mouse With Fan Assist

The Marsback Zephyr PRO is the coolest gaming mouse on the market with its very own fan assist that provides hand respite from long gaming sessions! 

The Marsback Zephyr PRO mouse measures 13.5cm long and has a gentle hump at the centre of the mouse, which is the highest point (4cm high) and gradually bows down towards the backside. The Marsback Zephyr PRO has a narrower front end (5.5cm) and wider backend (6cm). 
The body of the mouse has been perforated with irregular shaped cutouts throughout, including the top of the mouse and back sides. The bottom of the mouse has some cutouts too but, most of the cutouts aren't perforated, which is nice as this helps the mouse maintain some weightiness.

There are two large anti-skid teflon pads on the bottom of the Marsback Zephyr PRO mouse, along with the optical sensor (PMW 3389) and two flat buttons, which sit completely flush against the base of the mouse so, they do not stick out. Bottom facing buttons isn't the most convenient location in the mouse but it is a clever use of space that helps minimize button cluttering on top of the mouse. 

The Zephyr PRO mouse has RGB lights inside the fan, as well as on the scroll wheel and bottom rim, which creates a cool glowingeffect around the mouse. The RGB lighting effects include 6 color changing effects and red solid color option by default. You can change RGB lighting effects via the Marsback software.

The weight of the Marsback Zephyr PRO mouse is 114 grams including the cable, which is the heaviest part. The cable is non-detachable though, which would have been great since the Zephyr PRO  weighs about 52 grams without the cable. That said, if this mouse was wireless you would probably have to recharge too often, due to the power consumption of the fan, making wired the best option.

The Zephyr PRO power cable has a shoelace style sheath so, it is flexible and not very stiff, which is perfect for a wired mouse as this minimizes cable drag and eliminates the need of a mouse bungee. The cable measures 1.8 meters long and has a nice rubbery USB-A plug connector attached to it.

The Marsback Zephyr PRO mouse has a total of 7 buttons, including right/left click buttons, scroll wheel centre button, DPI button, two left side facing plastic buttons and two bottom facing buttons to control the RGB lighting and fan (on or off). The scroll wheel is rubberized and linear (not notched); hence it rolls smoothly without making noise. 
The Omron mechanical switches are responsive and clicky. The DPI changer button lets you cycle between 7 DPI levels, 400dpi, 800dpi, 1200dpi (default), 1600dpi, 2400dpi, 3200dpi and 16,000dpi. Each dpi level has a specific led color which illuminates the scroll wheel led.
The Marsback software lets you access additional RGB effects, create macros, remap buttons, customize profiles (up to 5), lift-off distance, change polling rate (1000hz max) and change the stock DPI levels with different ones (between 100dpi and 16,000dpi). 
The Marsback Zephyr PRO mouse has the same drawback as all other honeycomb style perforated mice and that is dust ingress. The perforations keep the weight down but it also makes the Marsback Zephyr PRO mouse more susceptible to damage if water spills on the mouse. 

The blowing fan feature works surprisingly well, especially when the hand is sweaty, creating a peltier-like cooling effect with little noise (6000 r/min fan speed). It is nice that the fan can be turned off though because if you have cold hands the fan feature isn't "cdool". The Marsback Zephyr PRO mouse comes with a nice box presentation, which makes a perfect gift box. It includes a rubber tie strap, user guide and stickers. You can buy the Marsback Zephyr PRO mouse from amazon.

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