HeartField Acoustic Deer IEM Review Platinum Plated Earphones With Crystal Encrusted Faceplate

Bringing a touch of sparkle and glamour to the audiophile world! The Deer by HeartField Acoustic is a flashy luxury IEM with banging bass and polished mirror aesthetics that resemble Chicago's iconic tourist attraction - The Bean Cloud Gate - which is entirely made of stainless steel, unlike the HeartField Deer shells which are of platinum-plated brass with concave styling.

Speaking of styling, the HeartField Deer faceplate detailing is stunning! It has a diamond-like encrusted finish made of 198 tiny gemstones plus a small removable screw securing the faceplate. The nozzle is long and has has no guard mesh filter.  As well as a custom gemstone faceplate, the HeartField Deer earphones are equipped with custom 6.8mm composite diaphragm dynamic drivers, which have high sensitivity (106dB) and low resistance (16 ohm), allowing the Deer earphones to be easily driven from a phone.

The HeartField Deer are literary worth their weight in gold, which is reflected on the price tag and their actual weight. The Deer earphones 12.5 grams each, while the cable weighs 21 grams, bringing the total weight to 46 grams - making the HeartField Deer noticeably heavier than most IEMS including the Tripowin TC01 (32 grams),  CCA CA10 (31 grams), Blon BL07 (39 grams) and CCA CKX (36 grams).
Despite the single dynamic driver setup, the HeartField Deer 6.8mm drivers deliver a clear and wide sound stage, which is a lot wider and detailed than many multi-driver IEMs. The HeartField Deer sound signature is V-shaped, which means the bass and treble are more elevated. In fact, you can hear the piercing treble coming through the video during the volume test. 
Despite the elevated bass and treble, the midrange isn't recessed at all so, vocals come in loud and clear. The HeartField Deer drivers handle the entire low range (upper bass, mid bass and sub bass), which is perfect if you like kick and slam in your bass.

Along with the HeartField Deer earphones, you get a premium quality 0.78mm 2 pin detachable litz IEM cable made with silver-plated copper wiring and thick strain reliefs reinforcing the plugs. The cable sheath has a twisted pattern and it has a grippy fabric-like feel to it.

The shiny mirror finish on the 2 pin enclosures is chrome (not platinum plating) and feature R/L markings with extruded gold plated male pins, which is a typical design you get with most IEM cables. That said, the HeartField Acoustic Deer earphones have unusually recessed female pins, which are deeply embedded inside the body of the earphone. This makes the process of plugging in the cable really awkward to do - just as fiddly as threading a needle.

Like most IEM cables, the HeartField Acoustic Deer stock cable uses clear silicone wrap tubing to form the ear hooks. However, the silicone wrap tubing on the Deer stock cable is not as thick so, you can feel the twisty braid of the cable. Also, because the silicone wrap is very thin, it doesn't keep the shape so, the ear hooks are a lot looser and more flexible. The cable length is 1.2 meters and integrates a y-splitter and rubber cinch to mange the y cabling. The y-splitter barrel is located 38cm down the cable.
Those who love their bling bling will, no doubt, be attracted to the HeartField Deer unique and iconic design.  The use of platinum plating makes the brass base metal more durable, highly resistant against corrosion and valuable, which is reflected in the price. The downside though, it's that platinum plating does wear out eventually (it doesn't last forever). How long the platinum plating lasts depends on the thickness of the platinum plated layer and, this isn't mentioned on the product listing. You can expect the platinum plating on the HeartField Acoustic Deer to last anywhere from a few months to a few years. 

If you haven't heard the name HeartField Acoustic before there is a good reason. HeartField is a new brand startup with Deer being their first IEM launch in the audiophile world, which is a very competitive niche market. That said, Deer's powerful first impression should make the HeartField brand launch a success. 

The Deer earphones come protected with thick foam padding and neatly presented in the shape of a heart inside an eye-catching green hard cardboard box with a large gold letter logo on the front. In terms of accessories, the Heartfield Deer earphones only include ear tips - a total of three sets of bowl shaped silicone eartips with a thick round inner bore. The thick inner bore of the ear tips provides a tighter seal and higher noise isolation, which translates into better bass response - not that you will need extra bass though! It would have been nice if a carry case was included to carry them around.

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