Elegear Inflatable Pad Review Double Mattress With Pillows And Built-in Pump

Step up your camping roll mat with a foot inflatable portable mattress like the Elegear air mattress pad! The Elegear mattress pad is not only thicker than a regular camping pad, it also has a nifty foot pump built-in, which works amazingly well!
The foot pump is nothing like a conventional pump. It is a non-mechanical pneumatic valve pump, which is non electric, has no metal parts, no piston and no gas liquid chamber, making it safe to use even by children. The Elegear mattress pump compresses natural air, forcing it inside the mattress at a really fast rate. In just under 60 seconds, you can properly inflate the Elegear double mattress pad, including both pillows at the same time. 

The inflation process is straight forward. It only requires you to cover the foot pump valve opening, which is dual purpose, letting air in during the pumping process. The foot pump valve also enables the mattress to release the air when deflating the mattress. You can use the palm of a hand to inflate the mattress pad too but, using the sole of a foot is quicker because of the larger surface area, making it easier to cover the foot pump valve. 
There are two additional valve openings on the mattress - one on each side of the pillows - which helps air freely scape from both ends of the mattress, making it quicker to deflate it entirely in under just 5 minutes.  All three valves are equipped with high quality tethered plugs, which are thick and durable. The Elegear double mattress weighs 1.4kg and measures 200cm (2 meters) long and 120cm (1.2 meters) wide. The height of the mattress section is 12cm (5 inches) high. The height of the pillows is 18cm (7 inches). When rolled up, the dimensions are 34cm long and 16cm in diameter. The Elegear double mattress must be folded sideways vertically (not horizontally).

The Elegear mattress pad is made of 40 denier nylon and TPU coated internally to help waterproofing and resistance against tear, rain and piercing. The Elegear mattress has a recessed honeycomb pocket design that prevents sweat build up whilst aiding ventilation, which in turn helps to keep your backside dry. The mattress wipes clean very easily too with a damp cloth. 
The Elegear camping pad is a non-detachable double mattress, which means they cannot be separated into two single mattresses. That said, you can fold the mattress in half to create one single mattress, using the side snap buttons to button up both halves. The fact that the Elegear double mattress is joined is a plus because you are able to inflate the entire double mattress in one fell swoop (including pillows), making the Elegear double mattress easier and quicker to deploy than two single mattresses. 

As far as comfort, the Elegear mattress pad is a step up from a traditional roll mat and way more comfortable to sleep on. Being a thin inflatable mattress though, it won't be naturally as comfortable as a regular mattress but, unlike a regular bed mattress, you can take the Elegear pad with you everywhere. It is lightweight and packs down small, making the Elegear mattress ideal as an emergency backup bed that you can quickly lay out at a pinch. Perfect as a sleeping pad, camping mat or camping mattress.
The Elegear mattress can also work like an airbed for visitors to sleep on. There is no weight limit rating. However, heavy people aren't likely to find this mattress entirely comfortable. To put this in perceptive, the weight limit of a standard double air mattress is 135kg (300lbs). For the Elegear mattress, the combined weight of two people should be less than 105kg (242lbs). People heavier than this are likely to find themselves hitting the ground with their backs!

The Elegear double mattress pad comes with a drawstring pouch and cord lock for storing the mattress safely away from dust and water. The pouch fabric has a grid-like pattern similar to robic (high tenacity) nylon, which is as tear and abrasion-resistant as nylon 66. The addition of the storage pouch for the mattress pad is a really nice touch because you can use it also  as a carrier bag for storing other things such as a shoes, dirty clothes and even food. There is no manufacturer branding at all on this mattress other than "camping pad".You can buy the Elegear mattress pad from amazon and get 5% off when using promotional code YB7DZQSG

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