Tripowin Lea Review Budget IEM With Detachable Ear Hooks

The Tripowin Lea is a versatile IEM that comes with detachable ear hooks to switch between wearing styles (straight down or around the ear) on the fly using the same stock cable, which is unique since most IEMs come with built-in ear hooks.
Tripowin Lea uses single 10mm LCP dynamic drivers with low impedance (32 ohms) and high sensitivity (105dB) so, they're easy to drive to high volume from a smartphone or mp3 player without the need of a headphone amp. The Tripowin Lea IEM are very affordable and one of the best budget IEMs for the money, which is reflected on the price tag.
The Lea IEM shells are made of alloy metal with Tripowin engraving, long nozzle and metal guard mesh. The included stock detachable cable measures 1.2 meters and has a clear sheath, exposing the twisted silver plated wiring inside it. The cable has a rubberized right-angle 3.5mm connector and 0.78mm 2 pins, which are slightly recessed inside chrome plastic plugs. 

While the Tripowin Lea cable isn't the most aesthetically pleasing IEM cable, it feels like it will last a long time. The Lea stock cable has a robust construction with thick strain reliefs and a huge rubber y-splitter shaped just like a Y, which is located 40cm down the cable. Inline the cable, there is also a large cable cinch to adjust the Y cabling section which measures 40cm long.
While not as comfortable to wear as most IEMs earhooks, the Tripowin Lea detachable ear hooks are made of soft and flexible pre-shaped silicone that moulds nicely around the ears. Being pre-shaped, the Tripowin Lea detachable ear hooks cannot be re-shaped or bent at different angles. Attaching and detaching the silicone ear hooks is surprisingly easy by tucking in the cable inside the cutout. 
The silicone ear hooks weigh 4.5 grams, while the Tripowin Lea earphones weigh 7 grams each. The stock cable weighs 14 grams. The total combined weight is 32.50 grams, which is in the same weight range as the Tripowin TC01 (32 grams),  CCA CA10 (31 grams), Blon BL07 (39 grams) and CCA CKX (36 grams).
You can get even more lightweight IEMs such as the  Tin Hifi T3 Plus (24 grams), TRN TA2 (22 grams), Tin Hifi T2 Evo (25 grams), Blon BL Mini (26 grams) and Shanling ME80 (28 grams).
The only real downside to the Tripowin Lea detachable ear hooks is comfort and looks. The Lea detachable ear hooks are bulky so, they aren't as comfortable to wear and stick out  too specially if you have short hair or bald head. That said, if you have long hair you can wear your hair down and easily hide them if you don't want people noticing them. You can also loop the cable over the top of the ear without using the detachable ear hooks.

The included silicone eartips are made of thick rubber so, they aren't as comfortable as thin silicone ear tips but they seal off the ear canal way better. You can also use foam ear tips, which are the best in the business for a tighter seal, blocking out noise and increasing bass by taming the highs, although this is not something that you would actually want since the Tripowin Lea have already a toned down (rolled off) upper treble. 
The bass is not rolled off so, you can hear mid bass and sub bass too. Both bass and treble fall behind the midrange though, which is forward, making vocals very prominent. The sound stage isn't very wide, although this is to be expected from a single driver setup. You can buy the Tripowin Lea from Linsoul and amazon.

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