Donnerberg NM090 Review Samsung Battery Powered Massager With Heat

Your very own personal self massage assistant with motorized rollers ready to knead your body on a whim! The Donnerberg NM090 shiatsu massager has a heat function to warm up cold muscles and a peculiar design that reminds of a bust with two arms.

The Donnerberg NM090 massager integrates two long arms (with passthrough handles) to allow you to grab hold of the massager like a bath towel around the neck. You can use the massager for your feet and legs too so, you aren't restricted to just neck and shoulders. The arms measure 40cm long, while the passthrough opening measures 24cm across. The arms have a tennis racket shape design so, the top section is wider (15cm) while the bottom section is narrower (8cm). The thickness of the arms is about 2.5cm deep, integrating thick foam padding. 


There are two vibration modes to choose from: continuous and intermittent, as well as 3 speed modes (low, medium, fast) and a reverse mode to change the spinning direction of the rollers. The motors are designed to spin opposite ways so, the left motor spins clockwise while the right motor spins counterclockwise and viceversa. 


There are 5 user control buttons built-in to the Donnerberg NM090 massager. The physical buttons are housed inside a thick rubber tag and sewn on the left side. The buttons are responsive and have a loud clicky actuation. They're ver tactile too, thanks to the being rubberized with raised symbols.

The dimensions of the actual body of the Donnerberg NM090 massager are 30cm long, 26cm wide and 11cm high. Total weight is 1.7kg (1766 grams). On the underside of the right arm, there is a 14cm long DC barrel power cord sticking out of a split rubber grommet. 


The cord is non-detachable but the length can be managed by simply pushing the cable back into the rubber grommet. On the other side of the arm, there are two "scratchy" fabric tags and a stitched fabric tag with branding information.

The front side (and arms) of the Donnerberg NM090 massager are also heavily padded and covered with 12 separate sections of PU leather panels that are sewn together with concealed stitching. The backside of the massager is lined with a zippered mesh cover (lightly padded) that looks like a woman's bra. The zipper slides all the way around, letting you easily remove, wash and replace the mesh fabric cover. There is a second zipper (above it) that runs across from arm to arm and has a concealed slider. This zipper lets you access the battery compartment so, you can replace the internal battery.

When unzipping the mesh fabric cover, you can see the internal components, as well as the frame of the massager, which is made of a hard polyurethane foam shell. The Donnerberg NM090 construction and operation are very simple. It is designed to mimic the knuckle kneading motion of two hands by using two motors and four rollers (large ball-shaped humps built-in to a wide plastic enclosure). The rollers are attached to the motor shafts via a standard screw. The rollers have built-in red led light illumination for the heating function, which has two levels of intensity.

The Donnerberg NM090 Shiatsu massager is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery (Samsung 2600mAh 3.7V 18650), which can power the massager for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Being a Samsung battery, it is a quality one - heat resistant and with a high rate discharge to power the massager effectively. The battery also has a long standby time (2 months) and 800 life cycles. This means, the battery will only drop in performance (~20%) after 800 discharge counts. To extend the 800 life cycle count, you simply have to make sure to keep topping up the battery.

Speaking of batteries, the Donnerberg NM090 Shiatsu massager has safety features built-in such as an automatic switch off, which kicks in after 15 minutes. There is also an overcharging, overcurrent and over-discharging protection system that will power off the massager to prevent the battery from completely discharging. 


After 3 hours of charging time, the Donnerberg NM090 massager is fully charged and charging turns off automatically too so, you don't have to worry about having to unplug the power cable. Also, if you happen to plug in by accident a higher amp output wall adapter, the massager will automatically limit the current down to 2 amps.

The Donnerberg NM090 massager is based on the same principles as acupuncture and shiatsu massage therapy in which pressure is applied to certain points on the body. Instead of having someone use their hands though, the Donnerberg NM090 massager does it all for you in the comfort of your own home. 


When held correctly, the Donnerberg NM090 massager works well at applying pressure to a specific area and release pressure of muscle tension and knots. The only real learning curve is figuring how much pressure to apply and that comes with practice. The longer you use it, the better you get at it. The Donnerberg NM090 massager is one of many out on the market. The main differenatior between the Donnerberg NM090 and others is that it is battery-powered and it is well made with a 7 year warranty.

You can use the massager at home, office or inside a car. A 12V car power supply (1.7 meters) is included in the box, along with a 26W (12.6V/2A) wall brick power supply with a 2.5 meter long standard DC barrel rubber cable. Other accessories include a spare protective mesh covering and a carrier drawstring bag. You can buy the Donnerberg NM090 massager from amazon.

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