HiFuture SmartPods 2 Review True Wireless Earbuds With Small Charging Case

The HiFuture SmartPods 2 are an elegant pair of true wireless earbuds at an affordable price! The SmartPods 2 earbuds store inside a slimline and compact vertical charging case with a bottom facing USB-C charging port (and status leds). Despite the small size of the charging case, the SmartPods 2 earbuds are very grippy and easy to pinch with the fingers out of the charging case.

The SmartPods 2 charging case has soft rounded edges and a lovely smooth plastic finish throughout with the word HiFuture printed on the front. The bottom of the case is curved so, the case is non-standing and the lid is held in via a solid hinge. The SmartPods 2 case is slightly V-shaped so the top section is a bit wider than the bottom section of the case. The dimensions of the case are 5.3cm high, 5.5cm long and 2cm thick. The weight is 56 grams.

The SmartPods 2 earbuds weigh 4 grams and have a smooth glossy finish, along with a brass accent at the tip of the stem, which is really long (3cm) and reminiscent of a cigarette. The longer stem and glossy finish are an advantage too, keeping the earbuds securely anchored. The earbuds are water resistant too so, you can sweat in them. Compared to a lot of in-ear earbuds, the SmartPods 2 are one of the comfortable type. The nozzle is short and doesn't insert deeply into the ear canal, which is ideal for those with sensitive ears.

As well as touch controls, the SmartPods 2 earbuds have a dedicated ENC noise cancelling microphone and second microphone for calls located at the tip. Calls coming in loud and clear and the call quality is good but only for casual calls with friends as you can still hear some background noises. As far as sound quality, the 7mm dynamic drivers aren't the loudest sounding but they deliver a lively dynamic bass sound.

Touch controls include all the controls you would expect, including volume (up/down), track skipping (next/previous), voice assistant and calls (answer/end/last number redial), as well as game mode (on/off) and power off so, yo can manually turn off the earbuds. SmartPods 2 supports fast charging too so, you can get about 2 hours of playtime from a quick 10-minute recharge. The SmartPods 2 charging case recharges in 1.5 hours via cable and does not support wireless charging.

The SmartPods 2 earbuds recharge in 1 hour and can provide a battery life of 5 hours at 50% volume and over 20 hours total battery life with the charging case. The SmartPods 2 earbuds bluetooth chip supports SBC and AAC audio codecs, as well as a low latency mode (50ms), which is good for gaming. There is no aptX support and no multipoint support; hence you cannot connect the SmartPods 2 to multiple devices at the same time.

Pairing and connecting the SmartPods 2 earbuds is easy. Simply open the charging case and the bluetooth signal automatically enters pairing mode. Switching between earbuds for mono listening is seamless without the audio pausing or bluetooth disconnecting. 
The SmartPods 2 earbuds come inside a premium box packaging, along with some silicone eartips, a user guide and an unbranded USB-C charging cable. You can buy the SmartPods 2 from HiFuture website and get 5% using coupon code NNNSMARTPODS2. If buying two or more products, you can get 20% using promo code hiwoman

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