EarFun Free Mini Review Earbuds With Quirky Muffin Design


True wireless earphones with a quirky muffin-like design - the Free Mini earbuds by EarFun! The EarFun Free Mini have a high water resistance (IPX7), which makes them better suited for physical activities and ideal for running in the rain.

The Free Mini earbuds weigh just 5 grams each and are relatively compact. They don't stick out so, they stay in the ears pretty well without falling out. The only thing about the Free Mini are the lack of wingtips. The Free Pro 2 version does come with wingtips but the Free Mini don't, which means they aren't secure when sweating. They are very comfortable though. You can wear them for longer times, thanks to the short nozzle neck, which doesn't insert too deep inside the ear canals, making them more ideal if you have small or sensitive ear canals.

The Free Mini earbuds are equipped with 6mm dynamic drivers, which deliver a lively bassy sound signature that is prominent but doesn't muffle the vocals or instruments. The 6mm dynamic drivers deliver adequate sound at 70% volume so, you don't have to crank them up to 100% volume. As far as microphone quality, it is very good for taking calls in quiet environments. There is noise filtering too, although it isn't very effective, which means background sounds does get leaked into the call quite a bit.

There is EarFun branding printed on the front panel of the earbuds but it's very subtly so, it doesn't spoil the overall stealth look of the earbuds. This is a good thing as prominent branding can be a deal break for some people. The front panel of the earbuds integrate a status led (does not blink when playing audio) and touch controls for all the useful functions you would want, including volume, track skipping, calls and voice assistant. 

The call function also includes call handling for two calls, which is useful (not many earbuds offer this function). The tap gesture controls are intuitive so, to volume up and skip to next track you tap on the right earbud. To volume down and skip to previous track, you tap on the left earbud. Very easy to remember. You can answer/end calls with left or right earbud too, which is nice. Touch controls are highly responsive so, you only have to lightly touch without having to actually tap on the earbud.

The EarFun Free Mini charging case has the same stealth black matte finish as the earbuds with a curved top, flat side panels and flat base so, you can stand the charging case upright on a desk. The EarFun branding on the case is a bit more prominent than on the earbuds, although it isn't much much of an issue since the charging case is mostly out of sight. The hinge lid is a bit weak so, the lid wobbles a bit when upright.

The Free Mini case charges via USB-C connection, which is located on the rear of the case. The Free Mini charging case can hold 19 hours of extra charge and does not support wireless charging. If you require that feature, check out the Air Pro 2 earbuds. The Free Mini charging dock is magnetized, keeping the earbuds securely inside the case. The earbuds are easy to remove from the case but you have to push them out at an angle as they're a bit slippery to pinch with the fingers. The Free Mini case measures 5cm long, 4cm high and 2cm thick.

The Free Mini earbuds use bluetooth 5.0 which supports SBC and AAC codecs and absolute bluetooth volume but, it does not support bluetooth multipoint for dual connection. The earbuds have to be taken out of the charging case to pair and connect. You can switch between earbuds for mono listening without audio pausing or disconnecting so, it's a seamless transition but there is a 4-second re-connection delay. The Free Mini case takes 2.5 hours to charge, while the earbuds take only 1.5 hours to fully charge and provides 5 hours of runtime. There is also quick charge support so, you can get 2 hours of runtime from a 10 minute recharge of the earbuds.

Accessories included are a toothpick cotton bud, charging cable and two pairs of different size eartips neatly stored inside a plastic holder, which is a useful accessory in itself for keeping the eartips clean. The eartips are made of silicone but, they're not standard bowl shape tips. The included tips have a grid guard and a very short inner bore so, they are shorter than standard silicone ear tips and a bit more fiddly to fit on the earbuds. You can use third party tips with the Free Mini earbuds and, they do fit, but the earbuds don't fit properly inside the charging case. The grid guard on the eartips is useful as it helps with water resistance and, it also helps to smooth out the bass response a bit.

Overall, the Free Mini earbuds are an almost complete set of earbuds. They don't feature a low latency mode (game mode) like some earbuds, which is useful for decreasing lag - especially when gaming. The Free Mini earbuds also don't come with mobile app support so, no EQ  and no button remapping available. The Free Mini earbuds can be used separately of each other though. This means, you can connect each earbud to different devices at the same (not a feature all earbuds support), which is super useful. you can buy the EarFun Free Mini from amazon.

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