Bomaker C9 Review 720p 3LCD Wifi Projector


The Bomaker C9 - a 3LCD projector with 720p native resolution that can transmit 1080p and 4k input sources! The Bomaker C9 projector has various vent grilles for the speaker and two cooling fans - one being for the inlet (on the rear of the unit) and the other for the ventilation outlet, which is located on the side of the unit. After an hour use, the projector gets warm but does not overheat. The internal fans do a good job of cooling down the unit without being overly loud interfering with the audio playback. 

The location of the connectivity ports and the square shape construction of the C9 projector is well thought out. They're located on the sides, including the power port, which means you can sit the projector upright securely on the ground and project at the ceiling. That said, you will need to place the projector high up on a mesh stool (or similar) to prevent blocking the inlet cooling fan.

The C9 projector is made entirely of plastic with a glossy finish on top that makes the projector look and feel very expensive. It measures 21cm long, 9cm high and 16cm deep and weighs 1.4 kg. On the bottom, there are raised rubber feet (0.5cm high), as well as a small compartment covered with lid to access the the LCD panels and cleaning dust. On top of the unit, there is a keystoning lever and focus ring made of hard plastic.

The focus ring glides effortlessly with a smooth actuation. There are several user control buttons located on top of the projector for navigating through menus. The buttons are made of chrome plastic with a loud clicky actuation. You can control almost every function directly from the projector, except volume which requires the use of the included IR remote.

The Bomaker C9 projector supports 6 input sources, including VGA, 2x HDMI 1.4, screen mirroring input, AV, 3.5mm auxiliary, and 2x USB so, you can plug in a USB flashdrive. AV input is useful for connecting to an old television, DVD player or Playstation/ Xbox console.

The Bomaker C9 projector also supports chromecast and amazon Fire TV stick. Dual HDMI ports are great, although you're limited to a frame rate of 24fps, which is worth noting when watching 4K video and gaming. For best HDMI gaming experience, it is best to have higher refresh rate so, you ideally want a projector to have HDMI 2.0 (for 120fps at 1080p or 1440p) or HDMI 2.1 (for 120fps at 4K).

In order to get a clear image, the Bomaker C9 projector has to be placed at a minimum distance of 151cm (~60 inches) because the focus ring adjuster will not be able to sharpen the image if you place the projector any closer to the projection surface. This is worth noting if you plan to use the projector in a small room.

When the projector is set at 60 inches and in 16:9 aspect ratio, the C9 projector generates an image size of 26 inches (66cm) vertically and 45 inches (114cm) horizontally. In 4:3 aspect ratio, the image size is 18 inches (46cm) vertical and 33 inches (83cm) horizontal.The maximum projection distance is 150 inches, although the longer the distance the more washed up the image looks. At around 60 inches, you get good enough brightness and resolution to watch content with the lights turned on.

The Bomaker C9 projector main menu interface is basic and simple to use. There is a built-in player with useful controls such as play/pause, fast backward/ fast forward, skip to next or previous, zoom and aspect control for controlling the video playback.

There are also picture and sound settings menus that you can prompt while watching content, which is great as this allows you to tweak sound and picture quality in real time. Picture settings include color temperature, aspect ratio, picture mode and image equalizer for tweaking the contrast, brightness, color and sharpness of the picture. Sound settings include several sound modes, as well as a noise reduction feature and a custom mode, which gives you access to a 6-band audio equalizer. 


The Bomaker C9 projector falls under the budget category of LED powered LCD projectors and performs a little bit lower than the budget competition when it comes to brightness. The C9 LED bulb is rated at 150 ANSI lumens with a runtime of 20,000 hours. That said, the C9 projector performs better when it comes to image reproduction, thanks to better contrast. 


Most budget LED bulb projectors use 1LCD technology (one LCD panel); whereas the C9 uses 3LCD technology - three separate LCD panels (red, green and blue). 3LCD works on the same principle as 3DPL, although 3DPL projectors cost a lot more because of the prism glass used, which is an expensive piece of equipment. If brightness/clarity is important, it is best getting a projector with an incandescent lamp or even a laser projector (if you can afford it).

The C9 projector also gives you the ability to stream wirelessly via Wifi to an iOS device (e.g. iPad, iPhone) or Android device. The C9 projectors also supports screen mirroring from a Windows 10 PC and MacBook; whereas most budget projectors don't. The Bomaker C9 projector delivers good audio quality and volume via a single 3W speaker, although for a large room you will need 100% volume to fill the room. Given the size of the C9 projector, it could have benefited from bigger output via stereo speakers or a larger single speaker. That said, the C9 projector can be connected to external speakers, as well as bluetooth speakers.

Accessories included are a 3.5mm to RCA cable adapter (1.3 metes), high speed HDMI cable (1.3 meters), detachable figure8 power cord (1 meter), as well as a thumbscrew to raise the bottom front of the projector up to 2cm (approx. 10 degrees). There is also a cleaning cloth included. There is no tripod but, the projector has a tripod thread built-in, which is useful since the C9 projector only supports vertical keystoning. 

 With a tripod, you are able to tilt the projector at various angles to get a straight image on uneven surfaces. A plastic protective cap is also added to protect the lens. The cap fits neatly inside the lens housing (7cm diameter) but, if the lens is turned all the way out it sticks out of the housing, preventing the cap from fitting properly. You can buy the Bomaker C9 projector from Bomaker's website and amazon. Use promo code GGETEXC9 to get 50% off the C9 projector when buying from Bomaker website. When buying from amazon, use promo code GGETEX05 for 20% off. You can also get 20% off of any bomaker product when using promo code GGETEX20.


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