WEWATCH V30SE Review Wifi Native 1080p Projector With Surround Sound


An elegant cube-shaped mini projector - the WEWATCH V30SE projector - features 1080p native resolution with a true scale of 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels. The V30SE projector also supports 4k upscailing so, you can connect the projector to a 4k source and play 4k content, although the content will be enlarged and not detailed like true "4k".

The V30SE is a Wifi-enabled projector with a 1-chip LCD display and led bulb rated for 30,000 hours runtime and with a light output of 150 ANSI lumens. While not the brightest, the light output works well in low ambient light. In high light with lights turned on, the image shows a bit washed up as you will see in the video below. 


Being a 1 chip LCD (1LCD) projector, the image isn't as vivid and clear as a 3-chip LCD (3LCD) projector. The V30SE projector 1 LCD chip does a pretty good job of color reproduction against the V50 projector, which is brighter. You don't have to be in a pitch black room to get a good picture quality with the V30SE projector.

Despite the small portable size of the V30SE projector,  there is no rechargeable battery internally; hence the projector has to be tethered to a wall electrical socket to work. A 64W (19V/3.43A) Huntkey-branded power adapter is included, which has a 1.2 meters long cable attached to yellow tip DC barrel style connector. 


There is included also a detachable Honglin branded power cord with flat male pins (US plug) and female figure8 connector, which measures 1.4 meters long, providing a total projector cable length of over 2.5 meters long. The power brick adapter is the same type you get with most HP Pavillion laptops so, if you own one that has a yellow tip (4.0x1.7mm in size connector), you may be able to use it to power the V30SE projector. You won't be able to use a regular black tip (small pin/needle in its tip center) DC barrel connector.

There is no bluetooth support, which means you cannot connect bluetooth speakers to the V30SE projector, although the V30SE projector does have an auxiliary output so, you can plug in wired speakers to the projector. The WEWATCH V30SE projector supports Fire Stick TV via the USB port. You can manually adjust the brightness and contrast of the image, as well as choose preset modes to automatically alter the image.

The V30SE projector user interface has a built-in player with play/pause and skip track controls that you can use when playing videos. The player  also displays useful information about the video being played such as resolution, audio codec, sample rate and bitrate.  


The V30SE projector dashboard interface is simple and basic with wired options for playing content via HDMI 1.4 and USB-A 2.0 connection, as well as wireless connection. You can stream content off a USB flashdrive via the USB port but not via a phone. That said, the USB port does support charging out so, you can charge a phone via the USB port. 

The V30SE projector does not run Android software but, it supports 2.4Ghz Wifi so, you can access streaming services (AirPlay, DLNA and Miracast) without a media streamer such as Google Chromecast. The V30SE projector also supports HDMI CEC control, which allows you to control a HDMI device that is connected to the projector, using the projector's IR remote control. The included remote works well. It is made of plastic with rubber buttons and can be operated from any angle whether you're sitting in front, sides or behind the projector. 

The V30SE projector features a surround sound mode, which works ok with certain content but not all. For the most part, surround sound makes the sound sound unnatural and a bit echoey. Also, with surround sound enabled, the sound preset modes get disabled so, you aren't able to tweak the sound in surround mode. In normal (stereo) sound, you can choose between four preset sound modes and you can also adjust the bass and treble of each sound preset mode too, as well as the balance so, you can make the right channel speaker sound louder or lower than the left channel speaker and viceversa. 


The V30SE projector is also equipped with an auto volume leveller (AVL) option, sleep timer and auto standby, which let you turn off the projector automatically at a specific time of your choosing. AVL is designed to limit unexpected volume increases. AVL is can enabled/disabled from the projector sound settings.

There are four plastic grilles (perforated plastic) on the projector. The front and rear grilles are the inlet and outlet ventilation system for the fans to draw in and expel hot air out of the projector, preventing it from overheating. The cooling fans make very little noise when spinning. The perforated grilles on the side conceal the speakers (1.5W output each); hence a total 3W RMS output.

The projector lens is housed inside a recessed ring cutout so, it doesn't protrude, which is good as this makes the lens less vulnerable to impacts. On top of the V30SE projector, there is a plastic textured focus ring for adjusting the image focus. 


The user guide says between 40 inches (minimum) and 120 inches (maximum), although during testing it was only possible to get a sharp image at a minimum of 53 inches projection distance. From 53 inches, you can generate an image of 100cm (39 inches) horizontally and 59cm (23 inches) vertically.

The focus ring works mechanically like driving a screw so, spinning the focus ring literary screws the lens in and out. There is no keystoning support on the V30SE projector, which is important for getting the projector leveled on an uneven surface. You can mount the projector upside down a ceiling too, and change the projection orientation from the menu. 


On the bottom of the V30SE projector, there are four raised rubber feet and a silver plated female tripod thread. The V30SE projector measures 18cm high, 11cm wide and 13.5cm deep (front to back) and weighs 1091 grams (~1.1kg). The projector is made entirely of plastic with a really smooth matte finish. Image, cooling and audio performance is very good. The stereo speakers deliver plenty of volume sound to fill a large room evenly and, you can use it for long sessions without worrying about overheating. You can buy the V30SE projector from WEWATCH website.

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