UGREEN HiTune X6 Review ANC Gaming Earbuds With Low Latency Game Mode


Sporting a quirky astronaut space boot design, the UGREEN HiTune X6 earbuds are tailored made for those looking for a simple and inexpensive pair of anc gaming buds without breaking the bank!

The HiTune X6 earbuds store inside a large tall frame charging case designed to keep the earbuds vertically upright. The plastic case has a dual tone plastic finish - matte graphite and matte black. The charging case has a flat bottom base with a quirky "smile " battery led on the front. When the earbuds are inside the case charging, the battery led will stay turned on until the earbuds are fully charged.

The HiTune X6 earbuds use a bluetooth 5.1 chip that supports absolute bluetooth volume and aac and sbc codecs. It does not support multipoint (dual connection). You can pair and connect the earbuds whilst inside the charging case and switch between them for mono listening seamlessly. When inside the charging case, the HiTune X6 earbuds power off automatically without having to close the lid. When taken out of the case, the earbuds power on automatically and re-connect instantenoiusly without any re-connection delay.

There are five types of tap gestures (e.g. single tap, triple tap) you can use to control the HiTune X6 touch control functions. For example, to swich between normal mode and game mode, you can do it from either the right or left earbud by tapping four times. The tap gesture function assignment takes some getting used to. It's a bit complicated at first due to the number of taps needed for certain functions such as volume, which is controlled via a double tap. This means, you have to double tap per volume step, which is not ideal. A "long press" gesture or single tap gesture works best for volume control. The HiTune X6 earbuds have no mobile app support; hence the touch control tap gestures cannot be changed.

Functions that you can control from the earbuds include play/pause, skip tracks, calls (answer/end/reject), anc, voice assistant and game/normal mode. Touch controls have very good response sensitivity, requiring only a light touch (no tapping). You will hear voice alerts saying "game mod"e and normal mode when toggling anc.

The HiTune X6 case recharges in 2 hours, while the earbuds recharge in 1.5 hours. There is no quick charge support. With 80% volume in SBC codec, the battery life with anc off is 7 hours. With anc on, you can achieve 6 hours. AAC codec consumes a bit more power than SBC so, battery life will be slightly less. You can turn on anc mode in game (low latency) mode too but game mode consumes even more power so, if you turn on anc while in game mode the battery life is 4.5 hours per earbud. With anc off in game mode, battery life is 5.5 hours. Game mode decreases the sound quality of the audio too, as well as decreases the wireless signal range, although this is something you experience with all gaming earbuds.

Comfort is very good. The HiTune X6 earbuds weigh just 5 grams per earbud. The charging case weighs 40 grams and measures 6cm long, 2.5cm thick and 4cm high. Removing the earbuds from the case can be a bit tricky though, especially with sweaty fingers. The HiTune X6 earbuds have a glossy body shell with a stumpy almond-shaped stem finished in matte graphite. The nozzle neck is stumpy too and features a metal mesh tip.

The UGREEN HiTune X6 earbuds are equipped with 10mm dynamic drivers, which deliver good, balanced bass to compliment vocals. The bass sound gets punchier with anc turned on, which is nice and doesn't muddle the vocals.

While the HiTune X6 are anc earbuds, they do not support ambient/transparency mode, which is a standard feature with most anc earbuds. The lack of ambient mode puts the HiTune X6 earbuds at a disadvantage against the competition, which is not ideal in such a stiff market. Ambient mode lets external sounds into the earbuds, making it a useful feature to have for situational awareness and when talking to people without having to remove the earbuds from the ears.

The strong selling points of the HiTune X6 earbuds are the quirky-looking design, long battery performance at medium/high volume, good sound and low latency (50ms) for playing games and watching videos. The HiTune X6 earbuds are likely to appeal someone looking for a budget pair of gaming earbuds for mobile gaming at home. The microphone quality is a very good, although it works best in quiet places. There is enc noise reduction so, you can take calls too outdoors too, but a decent amount of background noise does get picked up, especially voices of people. The anc performance is good for quieting down everyday noises like music, people chatter, cosntruction work and traffic noise.

Different size eartips are included, as well as a charging cable.You can buy the HiTune X6 earbuds from amazon and get a discount using promo code: 28HITUNEX6

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