Tin Hifi T3 Plus Review Single Dynamic Driver IEM

Take a trip down memory lane with Tin Hifi's new T3 Plus vintage marble accent IEMs! The T3 Plus shells are made of single pieces of semi translucent resin that lets you see inside the driver chamber.


The front fascia of the shell is opaque (non see-through) and beatufully finished with an agate marble effect and Tin Hifi's gold plated logo in centre of it. The glass-like finish on the shells makes them really comfortable to wear on the ears and, the low weight (only 5 grams each) keeps them nicely in place.

Despite the large, bulky looking appearance of the T3 Plus earphones, there is only single 10mm dynamic drivers (one per earphone) made of a rather unique material - liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) - which is a crystal-like thermoplastic material. The LCP drivers are low impedance (32 ohms) and high sensitivity (105dB), which enables the T3 Plus to be easily driven from a phone without the need of an amplifer.

The T3 Plus have a boosted midrange sound signature with the bass and treble falling behind, making the vocals really standout entirely across the upper mids. There is good bass extension too, to hear sub bass and mid bass. 

There is very little treble extension though, which shortens the sound stage slightly. Being dynamic drivers, the T3 Plus earphones have the characteristic warm dynamic tone, which isn't as detailed because of  the lack of balanced armature drivers. If detailed, brigtht sounding sound is what your after, check out the Tripowin TC01.

The audio cable included with the T3 Plus earphones has preformed ear hooks designed to go around the top of the ears, rather than straight down. The hooks are wrapped around with clear silicone, although it's a bit thin so, you can still feel the braid of the cable. Speaking of braid, the cable strands aren't braided but twisted similarly to the cable you get with the TRN TA2 and Tin Hifi T2 Evo IEMs

The cable features a straight 3.5mm gold plated connector, which has a small guard bump that makes the plug stick out a bit more than usual. This guard bump seems to be designed to prevent the plug rubbing against the audio port so, it should help dissipiate some noise distortions

The 3.5mm plug connector measures 2.5cm long and feels robust. It seems to be made of milled textured aluminium which makes the 3.5mm connector very grippy. The 2-pin 0.78mm connector plugs are made of magnesium alloy. The gold plated nozzle neck has a mesh tip with a wide diameter. The 2 pin connectors are extruded so, they stick out of the plug. Recessed 2 pins are usually more desirable because they don't stick out as much, which means you're less likely to bend them. If you're concerned about bending 2 pin connectors, you can always buy a cable with MMCX connectors or simply buy an IEM that uses MMXC connectors such as the Shanling ME80 or T2000 bluetooth IEMs

The T3 Plus shells and 2 pin connector plugs have clear R/L (right/left channel) markings printed on them. The right channel of the 2 pin plug has a red plastic bump to indicate it needs to be connected to the right earphone. There are also tiny blue dots on the left and right pin plugs to indicate the orientation of the pins. These markings are very useful to have, especially on IEMs with 2-pin detachable cable to avoid polarity issues. The blue dot facing the pin side denotes negative (-) polarity.

Both blue dots have to be facing the same orientation (up or down when inserted). Unless you're familiar with IEMs, the average person won't know this information. The included user guide doesn't help either as it does not explain or show the purpose of the blue dots.

The T3 Plus audio cable measures 1.2 meters long and weighs 14 grams. It has inline a barrel Y splitter and a small ring for cinching up the Y cabling. The barrel Y splitter and cinch ring are made of magnesium alloy. The T3 Plus cable is very durable inside and out. The outer sheath is made of PU rubber, while the wiring is made of four strands of oxygen free copper that are shielded by kevlar, which is nce as it helps minimize cable noise.

The T3 Plus earphones come nicely presented inside a jewelry-like packaging box, alongside a Tin Hifi branded canvas cloth drawstring pouch and silicone eartips (bowl shape). You can buy the Tin Hifi T3 Plus from Linsoul. Check out the review of the Tin Hifi P1 Max Planar IEM. Check out the review of the Tin Hifi T1S

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