EppFun Cute Meet 300 Review Low Latency Pod Style Earbuds


The EppFun Cute Meet 300 true wireless earbuds punch above their price tag with cute and powerful sound! The Cute Meet 300 are solidly constructed, specially the charging case which is made of zinc alloy metal and has a super sturdy dual hinge mechanism that keeps the lid securely upright when opened. 

Despite the ultra thin profile of the Cute Meet 300 earbuds, they're easy to remove from the charging case with the fingers.. The charging docking area is made of plastic docking area and it's magnetic, keeping the earbuds glued to the case when the lid is open. The zinc alloy metal has a matte finish that it's very smooth to the touch and does not mark with oily fingerprint smudges.

The Cute Meet 300 earbuds have a similar finish to the charging case but the earbuds are made of plastic, keeping them very lightweight at just 4 grams each. The Cute Meet 300 earbuds are one of the lowest (if not the lowest) earbuds on the market right now. The driver size is also way above average, usually between 6mm and 10mm driver size.

The Cute Meet 300 earbuds have a slimline stem that is wide and thin with a large pod-shaped body shell and large almond-shaped nozzle mesh tip. Thanks to the large body shell and nice tuning of the massive 13mm dynamic drivers, the Cute Meet 300 earbuds really pump a great sound! The boomy/thumpy bass is detailed and travels cleanly across the vocal range without suffocating the midrange. Instruments sound clear and separated too.

The Cute Meet 300 charging case measures 8.5cm long, 3.5cm wide and 2cm high, making it one of the thinnest and most compact charging cases of any true wireless, although also one of the heaviest at 70 grams of weight. Most true wireless earbuds charging cases tend to weigh around 35 grams so, the Cute Meet 300 charging case is double the weight. 

Despite the weight though, the Cute Meet 300 charging case feels more comfortable to carry around. It is thin and narrow so, it doesn't bulge out inside a small trouser pocket, making it one of the most comfortable pocket earbuds. The only minor drawback of the Cute Meet 300 charging case design, it's the location of the USB-C charging port on the bottom base of the charging case, making it awkward when charging the case.

The Cute Meet 300 earbuds can be paired and connected whilst inside the charging case. The earbuds are equipped with the latest bluetooth 5.2 (Qualcomm QCC3040 chip) - which supports absolute bluetooth volume, aptX, aptX-HD, aptX Adaptive, SBC and AAC codecs. Multipoint connection is not supported; hence you cannot connect two devices at the same time. When maximum volume is reached, you will hear an audible beep to alert you.

Transitioning from stereo (two earbuds) to mono listening (one earbud) is seamless without audio disconnecting or pausing. However, there is a long re-connection delay (~6 seconds), after taking the earbud from the charging case again. The earbud re-connection delay is very long - much longer than on most earbuds, although some earbuds don't have any re-connection delay so, they re-connect instantaneously when taken out of the charging case. Long re-connection delay isn't a huge deal breaker but it's advantageous when wanting to quickly answer an incoming call with the earbuds.

As far as calls, the Cute Meet 300 earbuds use dual microphones (2 per earbud) with noise reduction (CvC 8.0) to remove some of the background noise. The noise reduction performance is good. It doesn't remove everything but calls are loud and clear in loud environments. The fit is slightly different to most true wireless earbuds but guarantees a more universal fit because of the tip-less/outer canal design. The Cute Meet 300 don't use silicone ear tips and do not insert insert inside the ear canal, although they stay in snugly so, you can still run and sweat (IPSX5) in them.

The Cute Meet 300 earbuds and charging case recharge in about 2 hours with 15 minute quick charge, which provides 2 hours of playtime. When playing at 50% volume via SBC codec, the Cute Meet 300 earbuds battery life is around 6 hours. When using low latency game mode, battery life is 4 hours. Low latency mode does consume more power and also decreases the wireless range, which is something you get with game mode earbuds. At 60ms, the Cute Meet 300 earbuds have one of the lowest latency game modes in true wireless earbuds. The Cute Meet 300 charging can hold an extra 26 hours of battery power. To power off the earbuds, you simply put them in the case and close the lid

On the front side of the Cute Meet 300 earbuds, there is a touch control panel, which is very responsive and only requires a light touch (no tapping) to activate functions, which include play/pause, voice assistant, game mode, volume (up/down), track skipping (next/previous) and calls (answer/end/reject). Above the touch control panel, there is a pinhole concealing a status led and microphone for calls. There is also another microphone for calls located at the tip of the stem. The earbuds led flashes white aevery few seconds during audio playback.

The EppFun Cute Meet 300 are a more affordable true wireless alternative to more expensive pod-shaped earbuds. They sound good and look good, although the design of the packaging box could have been made more eye catchy with better graphics and font lettering. You can buy the Cute Meet 300 from amazon. There is also a lightweight version of these earbuds called Cute Meet 250.

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