Redragon Zeus X H510 RGB Gaming Headset Review Comparison With Original Zeus H510

Zeus is the god of the sky and also the name of Redragon's latest gaming headset. Redragon's Zeus X H510 is the RGB version of the original Zeus H510 released last year. The new Zeus X H510 RGB headset is a carbon-copy of the original. Same hardware specs (e.g. driver size), audio tuning and asthetics like the exposed earcup cabling. 

There are some notable differences though such as the RGB lighting, as well as the audio cable and boom arm microphone, which are non-detachable. The original Zeus H510 headset has a detachable headphone cable and boom arm microphone.  


The Zeus X H510 RGB non-detachable boom arm microphone is flexible and can be bent away from the mouth. The microphone quality is as good as the original H510 headset - loud and clear - although it naturally picks up background sounds due to its omnidirectional pattern.

The build construction is also similar to the original H510 headset, mostly made of plastic with a metal headband yoke slider which is flat and makes a ratchet sound when extended. The headband measures 3.5cm wide and has adequate padding underneath. The earcups do not swivel around but they tilt, although only 45 degrees due to the restricted earcup design (most headsets' earcups can be freely tilted up and down).

The Zeus X H510 RGB headphone cable is made of braided fabric and cannot be removed from the earcup like with the original H510 headset cable which is detachable and has two connection options (USB and 3.5mm). The new Zeus X H510 RGB headphonme cable only has USB connection; hence you can't use it with a smartphone for mobile gaming.

The Zeus X H510 RGB also has the same bulky inline remote control with four physical buttons. The buttons are large and rubbery with clicky actuation. There are two dedicated volume buttons (volume up and volume down), as well as a mute microphone button and another button for controlling the RGB lighting. The RGB lighting can be turned off. There are 4 breathing lighting effects to choose from (no single solid color option available). 

There is no button for muting the headphones like on the original Zeus H510.  The length of the audio cable is 2 meters long. The mute microphone button has an an led indicator. The inline remote is located 30cm down the cable so, it dangles around the navel.

Gaming headsets typically weigh anywhere between 240 grams and 500 grams.The Zeus X H510 RGB headset weighs the same as the original Zeus H510 headset (342 grams), including the cable and inline remote. Without the cable, the Zeus X H510 RGB headset weighs 276 grams. You can reduce a lot of the cable weight by resting the cable and inline remote on the desk. 

The Zeus X H510 RGB earpads are covered with cloth fabric, which makes the earcups more breathable and less sweaty than the protein leather earpads on the original Zeus H510 headset. On the flip side, the protein leather earpads seals the sound better, which increases passive noise isolation while minimizing sound leakage.The earpads have an oval square shape with soft, squishy foam padding. The earpad inner hole measures 6cm high and 3.5cm wide. The outer measures 10cm high and 8cm wide. The depth to the driver is 2cm deep.


 The audio tuning is as good as the original Zeus H510 headset. The earcups are fitted with 53mm drivers with high sensitivity (98dB) and high impedance (64 ohms). Since the Zeus X headphones are designed for computer use, the high impedance isn't an issue. The volume output is loud and more than adequate. The dynamic drivers are covered with thinly padded fabric with the Redragon logo printed on. The headband is also made of plastic and, it's padded on both sides. The top side is covered with protein leather, while the underside is covered with red cloth fabric material 

The Redragon Zeus X H510 RGB headset is supported by Redragon software, which is needed in order to enable 7.1 surround sound. From the software, you can also access a built-in equalizer, as well as mic monitoring, which is a super useful feature when playing and talking to other team players online. Mic monitoring lets you check the volume level of your own voice (via the headphones) so, you don't shout into the microphone.

 The RGB and cloth earpads are a nice upgrade, although overall the Zeus X H510 RGB headset isn't as versitile as the original Zeus H510 headset, which comes with a detachable cable, multiple connection options and detachable boom arm mic. You can buy the Zeus X H510 RGB headset from Redragon and amazon when it becomes available. Check out the review of the Redragon Pandora 2 H350 gaming headset.

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