Olight Obulb Review 55 Lumen Magnetic Lantern


Olight Obulb is a handy little orb light that you can use for many situations like an emergency lamp when there is a power failure or dome light inside a car, truck or caravan/motorhome. The top half is made of white opaque plastic, while the bottom half is made of rubbery plastic. Both halves are attached together via a copper-like ring. Despite the fragile bulb-like appearance, Obulb is very durable. In fact, it can withstand drops up to 1.5-meters high.

The base of Obulb is also rubbery and magnetized so, you can directly mount Obulb onto any metallic surface. The base also contains magnetic charging contacts and a button seamlessly concealed. The button has two functions: short press to power off/on Obulb and long press to cycle through the light modes. There is a also a lockout mode (to disable the button) and a momentary switch mode, which is a cool tactical feature you get with a lot of flashlights. Momentary switch turns the power button into a "on/off light trigger" so, you can turn on and turn off the Obulb light like a flick of a switch.

Obulb comes with a thick metal coin adhesive with Olight branding on one side and adhesive transfer tape (3M 300LSE) on the other side. The 3M 300LSE adhesive has high bonding strength and works well on different types of surfaces (even oily) like plastics and metal. The adhesive is also reusable and weather resistant so, it can withstand rain, cold and hot temperatures. 

Obulb has four light modes: low brightness warm white (3.5 lumens), high brightness warm white (55 lumens), solid red light (7 lumens) and flashing red light, which produces a red strobe light effect. To access a spacific ligth mode, you have to cycle through each mode mode just like you do with a flashlight. 


Obulb weighs 58 grams, while the magnetic charging cable measures 44cm long and weighs 15 grams. The metal coin adhesive attachment that comes with Obulb weighs 19 grams. The dimensions of Obulb are 4.5cm high and 5cm diameter.

Obulb recharges via USB connection so, you can recharge the Olight Obulb via a computer USB port or via a portable powerbank. While the Olight Obulb charges via standard USB connection (5V/0.65A), it uses proprietary magnetic charging connection at the other end, which means you have to use the included magnetic charging USB cable. This can be a problem if you lose or misplace the cable, as you won't be able to use a regular phone charging cable.

Fortunetly, you can buy a replacement or spare "Olight MCC 1A" charging cable online. There are advantages to the magnetic charging cable. For one, it is easier to use. Simply attach it and off you go. No plug-in and unplug-in needed, which means less hassle. Also, magnetic charging connection has a longer lifespan than charging via USB cable and has better waterproof resistance (IPX7) too.

The included Olight MCC 1A cable has a premium construction and flat rubber sheath. It has anodized metal housings, thick strain reliefs and has a handy status led built-in that lights red (during charging) and turns green when the 630mAh internal battery fully charges in 2 hours. The magnetic connection is very strong and does not weaken even when shaking the cable.

Battery life runtime is as follows: in low white/3.5 lumens (55 hours), high white/55 lumens (3 hours), solid red/7 lumens (6.5 hours) and flashing red/ 7 lumens (29 hours). The uses for Olight Obulb are endless. You can use it indoor and outdoors for different purposes such as a light light, party light, camping lantern, bike light, a distress signal to call attention to yourself. 


Obulb is a practical and very useful mini flashlight lamp, although it could be even better if a medium warm white lumen level (e.g. 25 lumens) was added to narrow the gap between 3.5 lumens and 55 lumens. You can buy the Olight Obulb 55 lumen magnetic lantern from Neals Gadgets and amazon.

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