Dierya DK61E Review 60% Gaming Keyboard With Optical Switches

Delivering faster actuation and longer lifespan than standard mechanical switches, optical switch keyboards are the best in the business for gaming. The keyboard seen pictured, it's the Dierya DK61E - a 60% wired-only gaming keyboard with hot swappable optical switches.

The Dierya DK61E keyboard comes with 61 physical keys and can perform just like a full size keyboard, thanks to 40 additional virtual functions that multimedia functions (e.g. volume, play/pause), lighting controls, arrow keys, F1-F12 function keys and many more. The full list of virtual functions is listed on the user guide. Speaking of lighting controls, you can completely turn off the backlighting by decreasing the brightness level to lowest.

There is 5 levels of brightness available, although there's very little perceivable difference. As far as lighting effects, you can choose between 7 static solid colors and 12 dynamic backlight effects. There is no custom backlight mode; hence you cannot customize the RGB lighting. If you like being able to tweak the lighting, the Magic Refiner Mk25 is a good alternative. It has a 60% footprint and similar functionality to the Dierya DK61E.

Being able to remove the switches means you can fully mod the Dierya DK61E keyboard with other optical switches. Regular mechanical switches with pins aren't compatible because optical switches don't have any metal pins. 
Optical switches also use light to register key presses rather than metal contact like standard mechanical switches. According to the box packaging, the Dierya DK61E keyboard is available in red, brown, blue and black switches from several switch manufacturers, namely Cherry, Gateron, Outemu and Kailh.

This particular Dierya DK61E board comes with Kailh Longhua (H&J) red optical switches. The red switches have a smooth linear 1mm actuation and 40-gram actuation force (similar to MX Cherry red switches). The DK61E keyboard is perfect for fast typing and gaming. Being red switches, there is no clicky sound, although by no means the keyboard is quiet. The keyboard generates a bassy clanking sound when typing. This is due to the PBT keycaps and hollow interior of the keyboard frame, which is thicker (1cm) than most keyboards.

The longer keycaps have been stabilized with dummy switches. As well as being able to replace the switches, you can replace the stock double shot PBT keycaps with standard third party keycaps, although finding a keycap might be a bit hard because the DK61E keyboard uses a 7u (units) spacebar and most keycap sets come with a 6.25u spacebar.

The base of the Dierya DK61E has a pronounced slope towards the front, which keeps the keyboard naturally at a raised angle. There aren't any feet risers, which means the height of the keyboard cannot be adjusted. The top row of keys measures 4.5cm high, while the bottom row measures 3cm high. Dimensions of the Dierya DK61E keyboard are 29cm long and 10cm wide. Total weight is 645 grams.

The DK61E keyboard sits securely on the desk, thanks to thick rubber strips on each corner. The power USB-C port is located on the front left side of the keyboard. A premium power cable is included. It measures 59-inch long and has a stiff braided outer sheath with a rubberized right angled USB-C plug and a straight USB-A low profile connector at the other end. A velcro cable tie is also included.

The Dierya DK61E is supported by Kemove software, which is available to download from kemovebbs website. The software gives you access to the same control functions on-board the keyboard, as well as key mapping and macro recording, which are the only functions you can't control from the keyboard. Other accessories included are a metal keycap and switch puller with plastic handles. You can buy the DK61E keyboard from MechDIY. Check out the review of the Dierya DK61 Pro gateron hot swap keyboard.

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